Saturday, January 31, 2009

Riding update

It was actually a beautiful day, not too cold, only about 26 and bright and sunny so my roomie and I went to the barn and took the dogs along. I've been missing Possum and feeling like I've been a bad horse mom. I let him out loose to roam and eat scraps while I ate my breakfast and then tacked him up and brought him down to the indoor. He was really good. He recently got his teeth floated a couple weeks ago and was feeling really soft. We went through our walk trot and canter warm-ups and he was really good. He asn't too hyper so it was nice to work on some softening and collection. The ring was a little busy because of all of the lessons so my roomie and I decided to take the horses down the dirt road to cool out and get out of the ring.

It was so beautiful and the snow was sparkling in the sun. We decided to venture off the road and onto a snowmobile trail. We did some trotting and it was so nice and the horses had an extra spring in their step. The horses also got a good work out going through the snow. After we got back to the barn we were greeted by the pack of dogs all welcoming us back to the barn. I untacked Possum and gave him a good grooming and then mixed up his treat of bran, oats and dried apples inhot water. He gobbled it up and then I let him loose again to munch on hay while I watched a lesson finishing up. It was good to see my guy again and he looked good. I think he's enjoying having most of the winter off. Tomorrow I'm gonna ride again because the weather is so nice during the day. Only 48 more days till spring!!! or mud season as we Mainers call it.

Greg has been busy helping and visiting his family today. He has a dinner tonight for local business owners and we might get together later tonight to watch movies or something. He did say to my on the phone today that he missed me which felt nice. So the dogs and I are relaxing now. I'm watching a horse TV show and their all snoozing. Hopefully check back in tomorrow after riding.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry Everybody....just a small hiatus

Don't worry everyone, I have just been taking a little break from the blog for a while. It's just been so damn cold with minimal riding and lots of working and just chilling here at home. To give you all some updates. Possum is doing great and I have hardly been working him, maybe only once a week. Yesterday actually had a lot of fun. I warmed him up in the arena yesterday and then with a couple friends from the barn we went galloping out inthe fields through the snow. We laughed and Possum kicked everyone's butts!! It was good to ride my boy and spend some time with him.

The past weekend my roomie and I went to a horse trade show and got to look around and do some shopping. I drooled over horse trailers, browsed tack and supply displays and even bought some bran mash treats for Possum. I saw a few people that I knew and it was good to get out and hang with other horse people.

The dogs are doing great as well. We've been spending lots of time together and they are just the best thing for me. As I write this now Abby is sitting on the couch with me and my cat Shadow is above my head.

In terms of my love life, things are progressing. I am totally smitten with Greg and we have been spending lots of time together. I actually just came back from being at the arcade with him and his son and his sister and her two boys. Our friendship is as strong as ever and we just have a blast with one another. He even said to me tonight that he likes the real Molly. To explain, we joke with one another a lot and trade insults and I made a pact today to him that i would only be nice to him. he said that he likes the sassy aditude mixed with my niceness. What a guy huh?

To check in with myself, things are just OK. I find myself being a little deperssed, maybe because of the weather or not riding as much or just the day to day work, but I have a hard time getting my ass out of bed and getting motivated. Maybe that's why I just havn't been motivated to blog lately. I need to pull myself up by my boot straps and guve myself a kick in the pants. I still love my job and really have no excuse to be feeling down. Going to talk to my doctor at my next appt about my meds and how I'm feeling.

Other than that things are pretty much the same. "G" is doing his own thing. I can't remember if I blogged about this but a month ago he got an OUI. He's going to counseling and seeing a drug counselor. We have very little contact with one another, and when we do it's only by phone. I'm just glad to have Greg as a great friend and supporter and I need to not be in such a rush to jump into anything like a relationship!!!

Well that's about it for now. Leave a comment about some blog ideas and to checkl in with what everyone has been doing.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well it's a New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I did not stay up ti see it come in, but when I dragged my butt out of bed it was already here and waiting for me. 2009 is going to be a year that I can't even guess on. I would like to show this year but money as always is an issue. The guy situation is obviously up in the air as well. I've just been feeling really lonely lately Not really sure why, but just miss having someone I guess.

Last night my roomie and I made a big dinner with all the fixins and I even had a couple glasses of wine. We hung out and watched TV. She went to bed early and I just sat on the couch staring at the TV. Some things that I am thanlful for this past year are my animals. My dogs are the loves of my life. My horse is the breath that keeps me going, and my cat is always there to cuddle up with. I never have to sleep alone thanks to them, and I'm sure Possum would also participate if I let him hahaha. I did get to the barn yesterday to put another blanket on him It had turned really cold again and I heard that with the wind chill last night it would feel like 30 below, so I wanted to button him all up. After I stripped off all his blankets I stood back and took a good look at him. He's a little pudgy if I do say so myself. I promised him that I would ride him more and also get myself in better shape. He just kinda gave me his sideways look, like "Ma, quit messing around and turn me back out" My horse always makes me laugh. I buried my head and hands in his long coat and just hugged him.

So today my roomie is working and I'm just sitting on the couch sitting in my PJ's and making fun of horse shows on RFD-TV. Some of them are just inasane. Greg is at a family party this afternoon with his son and I'm trying really hard not to stare at my phone waiting for him to call. Havn't figured out what I'm doing yet today. It's absolutely freezing outside and windy as hell so riding is out of the question. I already cleaned up the apartment yesterday. I don't have any money to shop and I slept over 10 hrs last night. Anyways, hope everyone had a good new year and spends some quality time with their horsies. Think I'm gonna criusse the blogs and see what everyone else is up to.