Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Timeline in pictures

So I won't write too much today but instead share the last few years in pictures with some captions to follow.  I will try and stay in order, but after almost 5 years, things can get confusing.

This is the last photo taken of Possum before he died on May 20th 2011. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss this crazy horse and appreciate all that he has taught me.  I love you Possum.

This is the last photo of Phin and I before he died from lyme disease. A piece of my heart left when he died and I still get tears when I look at pictures or think of him.  He was really my soul mate.

This is my partner Mike and Phin and Jetta. Phin took right to Mike first thing and they were buddies.  I am happy they got to spend time together before Phin passed.

Mike and I one of the first winters we were together, I believe this was late 2010.
The house Mike and I bought in 2011. I absolutely love it here!!
The back and side yard in summer with Chandler in the background. Chandler is Mikes Plott Hound who can be crazy and anxious but with lots of time and patience he has improved greatly.
This is JP, my handsome Tb gelding I got in the summer of 2011. Jockey Club name Travelin John Paul.
This is JP and I schooling at a cross country course about 3 months after I got him.  We mostly just cantered around and did small baby jumps at the trot.  He was very green at this time.

JP and I at his first horse show.  It was a local open show which is where Al started and is still currently showing now :)

JP at his first hunter show, it was soooo hot that day!

JP and I on course at his first hunter show.

JP and I schooling at the same cross country facility one year later. He had grown up soooo much in one year!

Same day schooling cross country.
JP and I at his first water jump, he was such a champ and so awesome!
JP and I marshaling the STB races at the Fryeburg Fair by ourselves, a dream come true!!
Galloping down to the winners circle at the fair
I loved marshaling the races at Fryeburg Fair and JP got more and more confident as the day went on.
Mine and JP's first time fox hunting (It's a drag hunt) I think I found my passion!!  Such a blast.
More fox hunting
Our last outing together was a ride on the beach before the terrible fracture of his coffin bone...
The X-Ray of the fracture.  Not good!
In steps The Understudy (Al) Him and I at his first local show. As you can see he is much shorter than JP.
Al and his friend Poppy with his first trip off the farm with me to the beach. Neither of the horses pictured had ever been to the beach, they were wonderful!
Al and I and a friend and her mare at our first horse show.
Al and I practicing our marshaling skills at the local STB track.
Al at his first ever jumping clinic, this was the flat portion.
Al jumping at a clinic
Al's first blue ribbon ever was in an 18in jumping class out of 13 other horses.  It was such an awesome moment!!
Took Al to his first fox hunt and he was awesome and loved it.  We are both hooked!
Al and I fox hunting watching the hounds work.
Al at the Fryeburg Fair for the first time getting ready to marshal the races for the week.  We both lived on the grounds for the week. I had a little camper and Al had this stall.
Al and I doing our thing out on the track
One of my favorite photos taken of Al and I during the week of marshaling at the fair.
Al and I got a year end award at the local show club.  Sportsmanship award :)
The last fox hunt of last year, it was a cold day!
Al and I at a clinic this spring.
Al and I at a clinic this summer
Al and I jumping at a clinic this summer
JP and Al are best buds!
The newest addition to our family is Charlie.  He joined us this past December from a rescue group.
All four dogs.  Abby, Charlie, Jetta and Chandler on the floor.  My cat Shadow who isn't in the picture is still around as well and doing awesome!
Another of all 4 dogs on the couch.
And last but not least is what has been taking up all my time and money lately, the new barn project.  it is a two stall shedrow with tack room.   I am so excited to be finished and have the boys home with me!!! Only a couple more weeks and it will be a reality.


Chelsi said...

I was just looking back at an old post of mine and saw a comment you had posted and thought, "hey! where is that girl!" I popped over to your blog and was sure able to catch up in a hurry! lol I am so sorry to hear that you lossed both your favorite boys. I lost Hawky two years ago and it still breaks my heart. I am happy to hear that you found a good man and that you are doing so well. I love your house! And envy your new barn! Love shedrow style:)

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