Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy work week with little time to ride

Just as the title implies it was a crazy work week. I worked late 4 out of the 5 days in the work week and have been running around the county going to schools and colleges in a crazed frenzy. My poor horse only got ridden Wednesday and Friday nights. Wednesday I finally had a break in the action to ride my horse. I didn't ride long, only for about 30 minutes since it was yucky and rainy. Had to ride in the indoor and someone else was also riding a young horse so I didn't want to do any serious jumping. Possum was quite energetic which was cool, but he was well behaved. We flatted for the most part. Working on bending and transitions. I worked hard on my equitation and getting back into riding shape. It's crazy how when you don't ride so many times a week you lose so much muscle, especially in the legs. It was went OK for the most part and I just focused on enjoying my horse. We tried dodging the rain back up to the barn and I gave him a good grooming and put on his rain sheet.

Friday was a much nicer day. It was still cool, only in the low 50's, but I love that temp anyways. Possum came right up to the gate and was ready to ride. I stripped his blanket off and curried him for a while. Now that it's getting colder and the days are getting less and less light they are really starting to get in their winter coats and shedding their summer ones. We ended up having a pretty good ride despite my low energy levels. He warmed up good but was a little lazy so I had to work a little to get him in front of the leg. Once we started trotting some 2ft jumps he perked up some. We worked on being straight and not having him just fall on his forehand after a jump. This is always a challenge for him. He listened pretty well and I was happy. We cantered some small lines and he was nice and slow and collected. I still took it easy on tight turns still kind of babying that left hind. It seems to be doing good, but I don't want to push it. We worked on some canter circles and flying changes. To end the ride we worked on some collected and extended trot sessions. I have found that once Possum starts jumping some and using his back that he is more apt to lift his back in the flat work. So he was nice and collected and really through the bridle. My roomie and I walked around the farm to cool out and then put our horses away. I put his rain sheet back on since the weather was calling for a wet weekend.

Saturday was soaking wet. I had family in town so I went to my parents and did laundry and visited with them. I went to bed early Saturday night since I was going back in the am to meet my family and going to a local fair on Sunday. The fair was a lot of fun. It was good to see some people I havn't seen in a while and hang with the fam. Ofcourse the fair food is always delicious and totally fattening, but hey, we're allowed to indulge sometimes, right? The weather actually cleared in the morning and we even had breaks of sun in the afternoon which was nice. I did feel guilty not riding my horse, but I figure the break won't hurt either of us. Tomorrow I have to work late again but Tuesday I really want to get out to the barn at a decent time and hit the trails. This time of year is so nice with the leaves changing and the nice crisp clear air.

As for my "cowboy friend" we are still 1600 miles apart so it's kinda hard, but the roomie and I are still planning on going out there to visit and check things out, but it might have to wait until December or January because money is really tight right now and I just have no spare cash. Our plan is to go out to Minnesota in the worst part of the year weather wise so we can see it at it's worst because it will only get better from there and see if we can really handle it if we do decide to move next year. This is all just planning and talking for now, nothing is definite for sure, but I know we're both ready for a move and knowing people out there is a plus so we won't just be on our own. So stay tuned for that. However, my cowboy friend and I do talk on the phone every day which is nice, atleast we can talk if we can't see each other. Well I think that's all for now, kinda quiet around here other than the craziness at work which I hope will slow down a little in a few weeks.


Leah Fry said...

Just curious: if you're wanting to move for a change — and I'm a great believer in therapeutic geographic changes — why you'd pick a place with such severe winter weather? Then again, you are in New England, so how much different can it be?

My big change came back in 1981, when I left PA for TX, and never looked back. Go west, young woman!

SillyPony said...

I'm not all that familiar with your winter weather, but after 27 years I sure know Minnesota winter. From at least December to February (often much longer) the weather stays below freezing so there's a constant snow-pack and the ground is totally frozen. My horses still lived outside unless it was blizzarding out or really really frigid cold and we didn't blanket at all. We didn't ride much in the winter, though, either, even though we had an indoor because it wasn't heated and we weren't only showed two small local shows in the summers. Now, here in Ohio we have lots of wide open spaces (it's expensive horse-care wise, though) and it doesn't stay below freezing for more than a few days at a time. The snow that falls melts a few days later. Turn out is a little tough because of all the thawing/freezing we tend to get icy patches which can be dangerous, but it's much more pleasant to ride here than in MN, even without heat in the barn/arena.

Go to MN. When I go home in winter I fly, but I drive in the summers. It'll be really, really cold and flat and if he's in the SW it'll be really really windy. There's a reason many of the first prairie settlers went mad during their first winter. :) Adventures are very good for us single girls. I just got back from a short adventure to Pittsburgh and I feel somehow more awake.

sidetracked said...

good question ladies. Winter up here in Maine can be severe and at any given time during the real winter months we can have 3 or so feet of snow on the ground. I really like the change of the seasons and really don't mind the cold. I was looking on the weather there and the temp is about the same but they get a little less snow a year than we do. I actually don't do really well in the heat, anythingn above 90 I'm not happy. I like nice temperate summers and fall is my fav season with the sooler temps.

We don't usually lose all our snow here in maine intil April and sometimes in a rare year the first week in June. I'm basically just thinking for a change and an adventure. I want wide open spaces and farm land and good people. Like i said, nothing is definate for sure, just kinda hashing the idea around.

Laura said...

Sounds like you are a busy gal!

Too bad about having to work late - that is never much fun.

I think it is neat that you are contemplating a move - and extra neat that your cowboy friend calls you alot. :-)

I moved about 8 hours away from home to go to university and never moved back. The only thing about it that is still hard is that I miss my family alot. I get home when I can, but it is a bit hard for me. Property is also cheaper there, so I would have a better chance of having a farm - but the jobs are better here... Go figure.

Keep us posted on your progress - I will vicariously through your adventures! lol

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Your weather sounds miserable! It is usually SO rainy here but we've been having gorgeous weather (not to rub it in or anything:) A move sounds exciting!!! As does your "cowboy friend" lol

Sometimes a change is a good thing...there is a difference between running away and seeking new places...I'm feeling the need to run! I hope you are feeling the need for adventure.

PS- Thanks for your comment on my Shaunti post. I'm really lucky to have such a great bloggerfriends:)

sidetracked said...

Thanks for all your comments ladies. I'm really doing my research and weather is a definite factor. Because we get lots of snow and cold temps here in western maine I'm pretty used to it. ALso Possum lives outside with blankets and we get studs and pads on his feet for winter riding. Even though the temps are cold we still ride, either in the non heated indoor or out on the trails. The only time I won't ride is if it is really below zero, not freezing, but zero. Then you start risking damage to lungs and such.

I really don't know what will happen, but it seemed like a good adventure and a chance to meet some great people and have our animals and horses along for the ride. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Heidi said...

I am from MN, and even though I live in Seattle now, I would move back in a heartbeat! Don't let anyone scare you from it because of the weather. It is a fantastic place to live! Nice people, not too expensive, and gorgeous lakes! Just my opinion, but it's exciting that you are thinking about moving :-)