Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

These are pics of the most important kids of mine. I don't have any really good ones other than random camera phone shots, but the first one is Jetta and I when I got her last year. The second one is Abby taken this summer at the barn. And the third is Phin. I love this pic cause it's just too funny. He was growling at my roommates dog and I got right up close and took his pic. He totally looks like Cujo.
My dogs are a big part of my life. We do almost everything together. Yes, they have even been to work on occasion with me. They go to the barn, they go to my parents house, they go with me to friends houses and they all sleep with me at night. We're best buds and they help me a lot especially when I'm feeling down. They can always make me smile and laugh and just being with them makes me feel better. I always joke that I would rather hang out with my dogs then most people.
This is not to say that they don't have their flaws or get into trouble. Phin, since he was a rescue has issues with little kids, especially little boys. He gets nervous and can snip at them if I'm not around. He has gotten better at this, but it's something that needs to be watched carefully, especially with kids at the barn. Abby and Jetta love to chase horses that are loose and running on the property. They won;t chase them if their not already running, and if their in a paddock, but if their loose grazing or anything, it's game on. We've had some stern talking too's about this chasing behavior and they've been getting better.
As I have previously mentioned in earlier posts I was never allowed to have a dog as a child so Phin is the first dog I have ever had. Then Abby and then Jetta. Dogs are the best because they are always happy to see you, they never hold a grudge and always want to hang out with you. My dogs would spend the whole day in the car just chilling if I let them. Their extremely well behaved in the house. No messes, no accidents and no chewing or destructive behavior. I have been really lucky in getting three dogs that are so well trained in the house and do not need to be crated or even started with crate training. I give Phin a lot of the credit for teaching the girls how to behave and act when no one is home. They don't have separation anxiety which is also a plus. I usually kiss and hug them each bye in the morning and they just sit there and watch me walk down the stairs.
Because my dogs are very important to me, it's also important that the guy I'm seeing (don't get excited, not happening right now) also get along with them. That was one of a list of reasons that I was totally bummed about the Nick thing. He really loved the dogs and they dogs loved him. My dogs can be hard critics so when they take a liking to someone it means something. So while I don't have a man in my life, I have my dogs and my horse to keep me busy and supported. Some might think I'm crazy for holding my dogs in such high esteem, but they really are like my children. I would give my animals anything that they needed. I even have a little nest egg set aside just for animal emergencies in case anything were to happen.
Now onto my pet peeves. I can't stand it when animals are neglected. Not from lack of food or water or health care. But from lack of attention. Animals, and especially dogs like children need nurturing and attention paid to them. Too many times I see people who are never home and just leave their dogs around or crated for hours on end. Dogs to some are seen as just some kind of ornament. I make sacrifices for my dogs, not because I have to, but because I want to. I come home early from places to spend time with them and let them out. I rarely ever go away because of my dogs, plus I miss them like hell when I'm away for a few days. I have dogs because I love them and know the responsibility that it takes to keep them healthy and happy both physically and mentally. I always use the example of people putting themselves in the position of their dogs. I know personally that if I were just left on the house or tied outside for hours upon hours with no stimulation either mentally or physically that I would literally go insane. And many dogs due. They take out that energy in destructive manners, like a child would. Any attention is better then no attention whether that means getting it in a positive or negative way. I even go as far on a hot day if it's going to be really bad, putting them in my room with the AC on so they stay cool. Dogs also are very different by breed as well, and that needs to match your life style. If you have an active lifestyle that your willing to include your dog on, or if your a homebody that likes to just stay home and are not very physical.
I personally have been lucky with my finds at the shelter. All of my dogs came from the shelter. They all three get along great, no one vies for attention over the other and I'm also mindful to spread the attention equally. Everyone always laughs or looks twice when I bring the dogs for walks around the neighborhood. They all have matching Lupine leads and collars and I take all three at once. It's quite a sight to see going down the road.
Well I guess I'll get off my soap box here. My dogs are just an important piece of my life and I wanted to give them a little showcase here on my blog. There are many great dog owners out there and that's awesome. Many kids also have less than ideal lives and that sucks too, trust me I used to work in CPS and it's not pretty. My philosophy is that if your a great animal owner, your going to be a good parent, oh man that's scary when I turn that on myself hahaha. Have a great day everyone. I think I might hit up the barn tonight and chill with Possum, but the day is young and I'm open to anything.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the pics!! Phin is so nice in person...that pic makes him look evil!!

You never called back. :(


sidetracked said...

Oh yea, I totally forgot. I'll call you tonight, I'm a dummy head

Shadow Rider said...

It's funny, I went 20 years without having a dog, because I lived in an apt and worked unreal hours. This year I had a rescue dog pretty much dumped in my lap, and I can't understand how I lived so long without a dog! check my blog out about him.
of course it helps I am a horse person, so taking on a huge dog wasn't such a stretch.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I totally understand the whole dog thing... we had four at one time and I loved every minute of having so many to love! It is really hard when you consider your dog your "baby" (like I do) to be tolerant of people who treat them like ornaments, toys or dont care/love them at all. It is only when you have such a deeply loving relationship with a dog that you see how unbelievably soulful, deep, and loyal they can be...and how much they can give you back. My heart aches for those dogs who are neglected emotionally by people who dont know what they are missing. I dont expect everyone to be able to "get it" but I just wish that people who dont would refrain from having dogs completely...or as I always say, at least get two! Your dogs are happy when you are away because they have each other...and that is HUGE in a dogs mind. Your pictures of your babies are adorable! I love when I hear people talk about their animals with such affection and respect. Thanks! You made my day!

Thank you as well for leaving that comment for me. I totally understand where you were coming from and was thankful that you answered. But I also had to mentally smack myself in the forehead. lol My question came off as defensive and it probably was though I didnt intend it to be at the time. I have a two really good friends plus my DB that are always pushing me to just get a steady eddie, no nonsense horse...they have watched me struggle with bad horse decisions (or watched me sit on the side lines while my horse was trained) for years and they just want me to be able to get out and ride without the drama...which is valid and helpful advice (much as yours was) but after a while I just get tired of hearing it I guess...its my horrible rebellious/stubborn streak that makes me want to push back and want the opposite. LOL My mom called me the grocery cart with the wonky wheel- she could push and push but in the end I would just go the opposite way. I am sorry if my question came across as abrasive, it wasnt about your cmment, it was the other people behind me pushing that made me want to push back and say "why? I'm strong enough, brave enough, and capable too!" LOL...Sorry, I can be such an ass.

Hope you have a great day!

Thanks again!

SillyPony said...

That is why I don't have a dog. I live alone and work crazy hours and a dog would probably turn neurotic with my schedule, and dogs aren't allowed at my barn so I'd feel like going to the barn was neglecting the dog and vice-versa. I'm so glad you get to share dog and horse time.