Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy this summer is flying by

I can't believe that it's August 3rd already!!! That means my birthday is 4 days away and that summer is starting to wind down. It seems like we're just getting into nice weather and fall is knocking at the back door. Had a busy weekend and the weather held off for the most part. Friday I got out of work at noon and went and did my banking and stuff and took the dogs to the barn to run around. It was starting to rain pretty heavy at that time and I made the executive decision to not ride since we would have to ride inside and there were group lessons going on. I hung out for a bit and fed Possum some carrots and then went home. I pretty much just hung out on Friday at home. Later that night my roomie came home and we sat in the living room and sang songs, big ballads like Roy Orbison's Crying, and Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You and Leaving on A Jet Plane. I was still singing them as we let the dogs out at about 10p. The next morning we were outside in our PJ's letting the dogs out again when our neighbors came over and thanked me for the serenade last night. At first I was confused and then I got really embarrassed. They just laughed and said that I should sell tickets next time. I sheepishly apologized and quickly made my way back inside. I was totally embarrassed because I know I'm not that good of a singer, but apparently that night I didn't care, oops.

Saturday the roomie and I got up fairly early and went to the barn to ride before it got too busy and hot. It wasn't that busy, but it sure was hot. Possum was pretty good. I rode him in the pelham and started outside, but due to all the rain the night before it was still kinda slippery so could only flat in the dirt portion. Another lesson started and I decided to try a little jumping down in the indoor. Possum was doing OK, but his left hind still felt a little sticky. The lumpy bump on his fetlock was going down and hard and cool so I didn't think it would hurt it, plus he was full of energy. We warmed up over some small verticals at a trot and then just cantered them. I really wanted to work on him listening to my half halts, especially in between lines. I had him halt in the middle of a three stride line of jumps at about 2'3". He wasn;t that great. At first he was like a bull and kept charging down the line almost jumping the second jump. He threw his head up to avoid the contact and hollowed his back. He couldn't evade the contact after a while so he would skirt sideways. After a few tries he was doing better but still nothing show worthy. I then asked him to canter the whole line with a sharp half halt in the middle and he did listen to that which was nice. It was soooooo hot in the indoor that we were both pouring sweat and puffing hard. I walked him around the property to cool him out.

I don't know what it is with my horse. I'm trying very hard to not blame him and really see what is going on big picture. I hate to admit it, but I do think that my horse is smart, maybe too smart. He loves to jump, and sometimes that takes priority over what the rider is saying or asking. Never do I have to ask him to go faster in a line unless we really get a horrible close spot and need to make up ground, but he is always more than willing. He likes to do things on his terms, even though I know better. I also know conformationally it is hard for him to sit on his hocks and rock his weight back on downward transitions because of his downhill build, but ya know, it is possible! Unfortunately he has the heart and mind to make a terrific jumper, but his body not so much. He is brave to every jump. never looks at a thing, and trust me I've jumped him over scary things. He never refuses unless the rider really screws up and that is totally not his fault. I guess what needs to be done is to keep grinding away. We need to perfect all of these little things before the medal finals. We both need to be sharp and on our A game. He needs to be ready for tight turns and roll backs and long spots and short spots, and most importantly being able to adjust his stride!

My friend the other day was talking about Possum and I and saying that he really did turn out to be a good horse for me. I kinda laughed at that statement, but what she said was that I always like a challenge. If I had an old plodder or a push button horse it would get old and be no challenge. This may be true, but damn, sometimes I could use one of those for my own sanity. Oh well. I have softball practice tonight, but I plan to be back in the saddle tomorrow.

Saturday after riding we went to a pool party and had fun. I played horse shoes (of course). Ate some yummy food and swam in a great pool. Thanks Courtney! I then went to the movies with a friend, we saw The Ugly Truth. It didn't get great reviews, but I thought it was cute and funny. It made me laugh a lot. Thanks to whoever suggested it on here.

Yesterday the roomie and I took the motorcycle to the little open show to cheer on some people from our barn. We had fun and the weather held out for the most part. One of the finniest quotes of the day was from my friend Emily. There as a friesian there that everyone was ooooing and ahhhing over. I'm not a big friesian fan myself. Their pretty and all, but ughhh, I think they look much better in harness than being ridden. Here is exhibit A and B below:

Well the friesian at the show was kinda strung out and getting wrong leads all the time and the rider didn't really know it was wrong. As we were leaving I was talking about the friesian to my friend and she simply said "friesian's can do whatever they want." How true that statement is hahaha. I didn't even have a come back for that. Friesian's are so highly regarded with people, especially with the not so experienced horse people. I really have no use for them in the jumping world and those feathers just scream scratches to me. I know I would be shunned from society if I clipped them. SO I'm sure I'm gonna catch some crap for this statement, but hey, it's my opinion. I own an appy for Gods sake, so obviously I'm not into looks or athletic ability ahahaha.

After the show we rode the bike back home. It was then we found out that all of our animals have fleas. Not infested or anything, but we had noticed more scratching lately and sure enough when we put the flea comb through them they all came up with 1-4 fleas each. We then went to Walmart and got stuff to treat them. Also got carpet powder and washed all of our bedding in hot water. The cats were less then impressed about the treatment, but it had to be done. If it's one thing I hate in this world it's fleas!! I think it came from the cats under the porch in the dirt that brought the fleas into the house. I'm crossing my fingers that the treatment will work and we caught it early enough to kill them all. Well that's about all I think. A busy and fun weekend. I also think my roomie is planning a surprise for my birthday. It just dawned on me last night that she has asked me like 5 times if I had plans for Friday and she's been kinda secretive on the phone. I have to say that I'm excited to see what happens. Have a great day everyone. Can't wait for practice tonight.


SillyPony said...

Fleas suck. When I was a dog groomer we had to have a serious protocol for any time fleas were found on a dog. We had to spray the shop, then vacuum, then spray again, vacuum again, close the vacuum bags and take them all the way out to the dumpster. Make sure you vacuum your entire house a few times and get rid of the bags. They lay eggs fast.

I'm sorry you are not feeling that Possum is performing to his potential. Just remember how far he's come and that there is no such thing as a "perfect horse!"

Stephanie said...

I totally agree on the Freisians...

Amy said...

please be careful with topical flea treatments NOT from a vet. the little tube things that you crack open and apply beneath fur. they can be deadly. i purchased some non-vet at pet store and my dog had a horrible reaction, rushed to vet. he is ok, but it was horrific. google it, search, there is a lot of evidence that these products are toxic.