Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Friday!

This week has flown by it seems. I've been pretty busy with work and then doing things after work. Wednesday afternoon I went to the barn and there was hardly anyone there, very rare for our barn. I believe it had to do with the 90 degree heat we were having. I got Possum out, he looked about as hot as I felt. I took a while grooming him and gave him some treats and then put a bridle on and decided to ride to the pond. I had my bathing suit on under my shorts and tank top. I also tied a lead rope around his neck for something to hold onto while he swam. If you have never experienced a horse swimming, it is a completely different feeling. Lots of power, almost like a dolphin surging in and out of the water, especially at first until they hit their swimming stride. One of the biggest things you have to be careful of is that you do not use the reins for balance and pull them in the mouth. When a horse is swimming the only part of it's body that is above water is their head. If you pull back on the reins you can cause them to flip over or to the side and then you have a horse thrashing to get their bearings meanwhile there is a high risk of getting kicked from the thrashing legs.

So I decided to get in my exercise and take the long way both to the pond and back. Making it about an 8 mile round trip bareback. The worst part about it was that the deer flies were horrible. Swarming and bitting. I was wacking them off both myself and Possum. We trotted and cantered as much as we could to get away from them. Once at the pond it was really relaxing and we just hung out in the water for a bit to cool off. Then I urged him out further and away we went, he went out a little and then turned back for shore. We did this a couple of time and then decided to turn back. It was good just to chill with my horse. Riding bareback is fun and really nakes you feel like one with the horse. We were cantering down the side of the road on one of the long stretches and just fo rkicks I did what the boy did in the Black Stallion, I put both arms out and just let my hips follow the motion of the canter as Possum kept a steady pace. It was refreshing and exhilirating. When we got back to the barn my legs were super sore along with my seat bones. Bareback is a great way to develop muscle, but it makes you tired pretty fast. I put Possum back out in time for his dinner and headed home.

Last night I had softball practice which was fun. It was soooo muggy that I was sweating like crazy. It was good to run around and hit and throw. I was happy to learn that I will be playing third base at the game on Aug. 15th. I played 3rd all through highschool and it's just wher I feel really comfortable. I can snag just about any ball that comes my way. After that I went home and took a cold shower and just chilled with the dogs. I've just been trying to do my own thing lately. It's hard just focusing on myself. I always would rather take care of someone else or worry about someone else, it's just ewasier for me I guess. Nick and I have been casually chatting through text msg, but just in a friendly way. He called Thursday night and we talked for about 30 min just shooting the shit. It's nice that we're friends and all, but my heart still kinda aches. I don't think I realized at the time how much I was liking him. But I have to believe that there are better things out there for me, and that it will come on it's own time, and not when I say it should. Nick is also going to North Carolina for the weekend so hopefully since he is outta state he will also be outta my mind. I have a busy weekend planned. I was going to go riding today and I still might but we're supposed to have nasty storms and rain this afternoon and into tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to a friends pool party and then Sunday a large group from the barn are going to a local riding club to do some open classes and few of us are going to cheer them on, so it should be a fun time. Other than today the weekend looks great.

On a little side note, which should make you all chuckle. I saw Greg yesterday at my house. He was mowing the lawn since it is the funeral home and was just finishing when I got home. Just from the brief conversation that we had he was having trouble with the new girl in his life. He said that he was having trust issues. This does not suprise me since I do know a little about this chic and she is kinda a wild one. She is my age, has a child that she doesn't have custody of and lives out of state. I have seen pics of her in compromising positions if you know what I mean. Plus, Nick used to date her and now he hates her. For Nick to hate someone it has to be pretty bad since he is so easy going. I have to admit that I felt a little bad for him, but after what went down between the two of us, I can't feel too bad. I even cracked a joke that wasn't he sorry for not taking the chance with me when he could. He gave a smart ass remark and I pretended to be offended and then he left. We'll see how that sage plays out. I guess all I can say is that I'm glad I'm not in the drama, well atleast the drama that I don't create in my own head. Well that's about it for today. Even if I don't ride I will still see my Possum and clean him up. When it's hot like this he loves to roll in the dirt and get all gross.

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Stephanie said...

I am glad you can time to enjoy possum like that - I am so struggling with keeping my boys up at my parent's place - I WANT TO RIDE SO BAD!