Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Little Bee

Just as the title implies I have been busy. No moping around the house for me, although I have to admit the thought has crossed my mind. Last night I went to the barn after work and rode Possum. He was OK for the most part, but seemed a tad bit funky behind. Nothing I could pin point, so I kept it an easy work out and worked a lot on straight lines and not tight circles. Just something that I noticed that was a littlel different. No one could see anything and there were no obvious signs or anything. The paddocks had gotten a little muddy again from the rain so he might just be stiff standing in it, plus they also have another round bale so he's not moving around a whole lot. My horse will eat, shit and sleep in and around a round bale. I swear it's his first love. The barn was busy with activity for a Wednesday night with lots of people riding and visiting. We recently had a foal born about 2 weeks ago so we let mom and baby out in the arena to stretch their legs. He is just the cutest little colt and we have high hopes for him. We've been having trouble finding a name for him, show name and barn name. I came up with Careless Whisper last night. It's a song that George Michael did originally, but Seether just recently covered it and I love their rock version. I think it sounds like a good hunter show name and one of the girls at the barn is adament on calling him Cooper, so she can still call him that for his barn name. Any suggestions?? He's a bay with a star and a snip. He's perch x TB.

So after riding I hung out for a bit and then my friend called and asked if I wanted to come over and play games with some of her friends, and my roomie was there also. I said sure. I dropped the dogs off at home, changed and went to my friends. They were all playing badminton so I joined in and we had a good time. After that we got on the big trampoline and had a work out jumping and being crazy. We then went inside and had ice cream sundaes. It was getting late so I went home and made my bed which I had washed eariler. With three dogs and a cat it gets hairy quickly so I need to keep up with it. Got settled in bed and watched an espisode of INtervention which I had DVR'd. I love that show, must be because of the profession I'm in.

Today I have teen groups this afternoon and then softball practice at 6p. I hope the weather holds out since it looks a little cloudy. I miss Nick like crazy but unfortunately it's what has to happen. I talked to a friend of ours last night and he pretty much thinks it's over as well. He says that I can do better. It's hard to see that right now while I'm going through this, but I'm hoping he's right.. Keep the good thoughts coming guys, it's really helping. I'm on my own right now and just trying to get comfortable in my own space again. Keeping busy is good. The fact that I'm losing weight is fantastic. Life is good for me right now, I need to focus on that. Have a great day.


Leah Fry said...

I envy the weight loss. And that's another reason middle age sucks! Weight hangs on like there's nowhere else on the planet to live.

sidetracked said...

Trust me, it's not easy. I
m eating about 1,000 calories a day and really getting in some work outs. Two hrs of tennis or softball practice, riding for atleast an hr at high impact, lots of cantering, jumping and no stirrup work, and if nothing else is going on n the day I take the dogs for a walk/run for 3 miles. I'm just sick of carrying around the extra lbs from when I broke my back. Staying busy also helos, I forget to eat or am not bored so therefore I eat junk.

SillyPony said...

I've always wanted to hear:
"And the class winner is So-and-So, riding Nakedonna Sunday!"

Say it out loud. It's a trip.