Monday, July 27, 2009

What Busy Looks Like......

Ok so I've been staying busy lately, but I havn't told you what busy really means. It means being silly, doing stupid things and getting a laugh at all costs. Saturday night my roomie and I went to a friends house to go water skiing and play in the lake, but after dinner it got to be late and then we were introduced to Photo Booth on her computer. It was all over from there. We had serious pics and crazy pics and just ones that made us laugh. I got a really good ab work out from laughing so much. Enjoy the pics below. I'm the one with the blonde hair in the greenish bathing suit.

I have to say that I'm still missing Nick. Today will bring it to a week and I havn't had any contact with him in a few days. I'm sure that he's moved on and is not looking back at all. I need to do this, but maybe being a girl or a super emotional or sentimental person hinders the process some. I'm working on it, a day at a time. I rode Possum Friday and Saturday. He still feels a little funky behind. He has some little lumps above his coronary band on his left hind. Possum is the kinf od horse who always has lumps and bumps, especially on his legs. When I first got him he had splints on both front legs. I'm wondering if he did that laying down in the paddock, or from rolling which he does frequently. He's not off to the point of noticing anything visual, except for the occasional losss of the hind end lead to the left. So we kept it pretty easy with lot of open area flat and then just trotting some easy lines keeping things steady and slow. He was more than willing to move forward as usual and I could feel he was wanting a galloping session, but I wasn't about to with his leg being funky.
Yesterday I didn't ride, but I did go to my parents and search through the entire house for my cleats which I couldn't find. I found some old soccer ones which suck, but I guess they're better then nothing. I did find my batting gloves which was cool and I also had the worst allergy attack. The closet in my room at my parents is soo dusty or something because I couldn't stop sneezing and coughing, it was horrible. I then went to the garage and thoroughly vacuumed out my car and cleaned it up which it needed desperately. I put in a new car freshener to help it not smell so much like dog and then drove to my friends house and watched a movie and had ice cream sundaes.
The movie we watched was Pay It Forward, a movie with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. I hadn't seen it in years but it was a great one to see again. In the whole scheme of things, I really don't have the problems that a lot of people do. I basically just don't have a bf. I'm not homeless, or have a substance abuse problem. I have a job and a car and some great friends. My family is all healthy and I get to see them whenever I want. I'm healthy myself and active and have my animals family. SOmetimes it takes putting yourself in someone else's shoes to realize that your own life isn't so bad. After the movie I went home and cleaned up and did laundry getting ready for the work week. I'm excited for softball practice tonight. Get outside and throw around and batting practice. I'm hanging in there guys. Staying busy at work and reading a book that I read in college, but really can't remember. Not Fade Way by Laurence Shames and Peter Barton. I man in his 50's dying from cancer and talking about his life and death. Really good read.


Marissa said...

So glad to see you are having fun! That is the best way to help yourself recover. Hang in there.

Leah Fry said...

You look GREAT. Keep having fun and keep moving, sista.