Monday, July 20, 2009

The start of the work week

I can actually say that I'm glad that the weekend is over. I know I'm crazy, especially with all of this beautiful weather we've been having, but it's just something to take my mind off of things. Yesterday I was quite busy. My friend and my three dogs all loaded in the car and we went to visit my old trainer. The place where I learned to ride. She lives about half an hour from me and I alwasy try and visit every few months. She ran right out of the barn and gave me a big hug. her husband asked if my ears were burning becaues they were just talking about me, weird. My dogs played with her boxer and airedale and had a good time sniffing butts and running around. We stood around and told stories about the good times and then talked about how hard it is now. She even asked me about the bf situation and that was a tough one to talk about. Luckily my friend was with me and she is single also so we had girl power going for us. My old trainer showed us around and all the new horses she has gotten. I was sad to hear that she had to put down her old arab mare. She was nearly 30, her name was Davah and she had one eye due to an accident she had when she was about 8. This was the first horse I had ever ridden (she was techincally 14.3 with shoes on) She taught me to post and steer and not to bump her with my legs. Because she was an arab she was hotter than hot but that old mare and I had so much fun. When I finally was able to ride on my own and know all of the gaits this mare and I would fly around the trails, usually at a full gallop. She could go for miles and never wanted to slow down. Everyone used to remark that her black mane would be flowing in my face, and my long blonde hair would be almost mixed with her tail since she held it so high. She was a spit fire of a mare and didn't put up with anything. She wasn't marish at all even though she had 3 foals in her life. She was always up for an adventure. She would spook a lot, especially with having only one eye but it made me have a better seat and it just became natural to have her skip across the trail at a funny looking rock or a bird flying away. I was a little sad when she told me she had her put down, but I also knew that it was time. She wasn't holding weight very well and she had started to trip some.

After visiting for a little while we then drove to my parents house to pick up my tennis racket. I've been wanting to play tennis again. On our way back home we stopped at my parents little camp on the lake and put the dogs in and then went kayaking for a little over an hr. It was nice to be out on the lake again. We saw a bunch of loons and it was cool. They would dive under the water and then pop up right near us. Those suckers can really swim fast under water. Here is a pic of what they look like if your not familiar. And yes, they really do have red eyes.

After we left the lake I dropped my friend off and went home and relaxed. I was still not ready to end the day so at around 8p I went to the barn and had a quick ride on Possum before it got dark. He was really good. I was only able to ride for about 45 min before it was totally dark, but it was nice bonding with him and talking to him about all that is going on. He really is like my best friend. I gave him a couple handfulls of grain after as a treat and he was thrilled.

I think Nick and I might play tennis tonight. As usual all communication is started by me. He really wants to play tennis though and I love playing so hopefully it works out. It';s a gorgeous day and I'm excited to be out in it. I have a killer tan going on too which is always nice. I am also officially at 140 lbs as of this morning. I would love to lose 10 more lbs and I'll be happy. My lowest last summer with the break up and all I was 124 and everyone said that I looked sickly. I'm pretty muscular and do not have a small frame so I will never be one of those rail thin girls. I just want to look good and feel good. With all the activities I'm doing lately I feel my muscles aching and getting bigger and leaner. That's definately a good thing. I think that's about all for today. I'm probably giving Possum the day off today since I've ridden him 5 days in a row. I took the time last night to really give him a thorough inspection. His coat is shiny slick and healthy. His muscles are lean and pronounced. You can't see his ribs but feel them if you push on his sides. He's got a nice strong back and a top line that is as developed as his conformation will allow. His eyes were bright and legs and feet looked good. I just can't get over that he is 14 now. I will have had him for 6 years the beginning of September. It's crazy to think of how far we have come. We have such a strong relationship and basically knows what the other is thinking. He's not always the easiest horse to ride but I trust him and he trusts me. The years are flying by, it's scary. Oh well, back to work. Have a great day everyone.

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Leah Fry said...

I always sucked at tennis, but the running around is good for you!