Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally Rode

Finally made it to the barn to ride tonight. Possum was ready as he trotted to the gate and I let him out to graze for a few minutes while I changed my clothes. Let's talk about clothes for a minute. Just a few short months ago I was coming to the reality that I was probably going to have to buy bigger clothes because they must have shrunk in the past year, damn dryer, need to remember to get that fixed. (note the sarcasm) Well my clothes are literally hanging off of me. My pants that were almost having the button popped were now sagging down my crotch. I no longer had an ass and my thighs were swimming in denim. I was ecstatic. Note to self, the quickest way to lose 20 lbs is to break up with your BF, have a mental break down and be dealing with depression and anxiety, check.

Back to the ride. Possum was filthy so I took some time and elbow grease to shine him up. Quickly threw my saddle on and went out to the outdoor which was quite busy. Did our normal warm up routine of walking a few times around, walk halts etc.. Then trotting a few laps to get his back warmed up then asking for some collection and bending with lots of transitions. Did lots of circles and serpentines to try and loosen him up. I could feel the energy coursing in his body. I decided to spend a little extra trotting to get some excess out, my grandfather used to call it getting the lead out of a vehicle. Then did some cantering and transitions, circles, collection bending and practicing some flying changes. To the right he's 100% but to the left it's about 50%. Damn left always a problem. He loves to set his jaw to the left and lean on my leg. I really needed a crop for some reminder taps but didn't have one and decided that I was going to have an enjoyable ride. Warmed up jumping by trotting some lines and then trotting in and cantering out. He was a friggen race horse. As soon as I asked him to canter a line he attacked it like he was being chased by the Great Grizzzly of Alaska. So using my voice in a calm way and asking him to to soften and slow it slowly worked. Only did a few lines because we had some beginners in the ring and it may freak them out to see an appy ass flying past their horse with the rider calmly saying "slow, soften, don't lean". So we stuck to some flat work did some shoulder in and leg yielding and asking for him to become soft to my aids. he did pretty well and I was happy with that. He had worked up a little sweat so we cooled out by walking around the property. It was nice and relaxing and good to feel connected with my horse again. Plus I'm sure he also feels better carrying around a 130 lb rider as opposed to a 150lb rider. And to note, anyone who loses a good deal of weight don't invest in a nice saddle. I bought a 17 in for a reason and now my seat bones are starting to hurt a little. I can put 5 fingers in front and five fingers in back for room. (All you perverts get your laughs in now) Even though I probably need a 16.5in I like the feeling of swimming a little in my new saddle. So I gave him a good grooming, let him graze for about half an hour and then brought him in to have his grain. Turned him back out with his buddies to have his hay and left the barn feeling fulfilled. Actually mustered up the strength to turn on the radio on the way home and listen to some older rock which I enjoyed. SO now setting in for the night. Ran around with the dogs, had a little dinner and am thinking of going to bed. Tomorrow's Friday, I have a long weekend with the holiday and I can't wait for a break from work. Really have no big plans, want to ride, hit the trails and go to the show on Sunday, just need a place for the dogs for a while. I always feel guilt leaving them in the car, even though I know they don't care it just doesn't seem fair to me. But if worse comes to worse that's what I'll do. So everyone have a good Thursday night and a hopeful weekend.

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WOOOHOO! Go Molly!