Friday, May 30, 2008

Riding High

Decided to sadle up Possum and work on some endurance stuff again. We have a loop which is about 3 miles or so that is a dirt road and then cuts through the woods on a snowmobile trail with some un-even terrain, and then comes out on the tar road and back to the barn. It's Possum's favorite trail and he loves to go on it. I warmed him up really well in the outdoor and then at the bottom of the driveway pretended were were in the box for the Rolex cross country and counted down to 1. Away we went in a nice hand gallop. I was up out of the saddle with light contact. He was balanced and breathing even. Down the hill we cantered and then cut through the woods. Kept him somewhat collected and nicely balanced on the uneven terrain and crashed through the water ditches. We were just hitting out stride now. He galloped up the last hill and out onto the side of the tar road. This is where we could really make some time. The road curved to the right and I asked for a flying change and got it! Around the corner, past the straight away and then to a steep hill. I gave him his head and away he went. Slowed to a small canter at the top and down over the steep edge. Finally was in the home stretch and I let him fly up the driveway. Slowed him to a trot and trotted into the outdoor to cool him out. He was sweaty and barely puffing after galloping 3 miles. Yes, we still got it! After he walked around for a few decided to jump a few small lines. He was great and responsive and not rushing at all. After I untacked him I let him loose to eat grass for a while and then gave him grain and tucked him into his paddock. My calfs are as little sore today which is a good thing. It was nice to have a good ride.

It's Friday and the forecast for the weekend is wet and rainy and cool. Nothing like sleeping in the camper when it's wet and cold with wet dogs, ohwell what can you do. Gonna try and ride Moonshine a lot this weekend and working on jumping around 3ft cause I really want to take her to the show in two weeks. She is just so much fun to ride although she doesn't have a whole lot of mileage above jumping 2'6". So that's where we're at. "G" didn't call me this morning which I know is a good thing, but it still brings those old waves of anxiety that I really need to let go. Take one day at a time, no over planning, get throught he work day and have fun on the weekend. Don't worry about him or what he is doing, give up that make believe control. Have a good weekend everyone and stay dry.

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Stephanie said...

Hi there,

Like your blog - good title, good word play off of the book - Of Wolves and Men.

If you go to the show keep us updated!