Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Interview Wednesday among other things

Sorry I havn't written in a while, I've been busy at work here finishing up my job duties before my last day on Friday. I can say for the first time since starting this job that I am ALL CAUGHT UP!! I did my last closing last night and now it's cleaning the office and breaking down a file, easy stuff. I have also been busy outside of work. I got a call Monday afternoon that the Sexual Assault Center would like me to come back for a second interview. I was tickled and excited. They asked me to come up with a 5-10 minute presentation on anything of my choice, they even said they didn't care if it was on baking a cake. SO ofcourse I decided to do it on something horsey, the proper way to groom a horse. I went home from work last night and washed and scrubbed all my brushes and cleaned out my brush box. I had a little caked on manure to the side of it when Possum decided to take a poop almost into the box. I figured I'd clean that up so that I didn't offend anyone. Sometimes I take regular "civilians" for granted and their not as used to manure as us horse folks.

I got some note cards together, not that I need them, but to make sure I stay on track and focused. I'm handing out a little diagram of a horse with the basics labeled like hoof, wither, tail, ears, face etc... Again wanted to dumb it down to that the least horsey person could follow along and understand what is being talked about. So that is at 3:15 today and I'm a little nervous but excited. As long as I keep my focus and talk like I normallly do I'll be just fine. Wish me luck anyways....

Monday night after work I wasn't going to ride since I was still recovering from this cold, but my roomie was going and I couldn't resist since I feel like I've been neglecting Possum lately and I knew I would be busy this week. PLus I wanted to give the dogs a chance to run around and play. I gave Possum a good brushing and was amazed at how fuzzy his hair had gotten in just a little under a week. We were racing the daylight so I did a nice long warm-up for him to loosen up and then went into our normal routine. We worked on some flying changes and he was great. I did a lot of transitions and then we started trotting and then cantering little fences working on adding in a stride and then taking a stride out of a line. He did really well. Then at the end my roomie and I for kicks took turns jumping out of the arena which is lined with PVC poles at about 3ft and a little. He did great and sailed right over it no problems. I let him cool out for a while and gave him a good rub down and then let him loose to eat grass while I put stuff away and talked with people.

I have decided last minute that I'm going with a friend on Saturday to a local club show. It's fun, no real pressure and just an open type show with some little jumping in the afternoon. I thought it would be a fun end of the show season event. Not sure if I'm bringing Possum or Moonshine, we'll find out tomorrow night when I go to the barn and ride.

Then Sunday we are all trailering our horses to a boarders house close to the barn. Every year she has a little cook out and games at her house. She makes jumps in her field and has a dirt road for the yearly race on horseback. She also has miles and miles of beautiful trails. It's a potluck lunch an so far the weather is looking good. It'll be a really fun time to visit with barn people and their families. Anyone related to the barn is invited even if they don't ride or own a horse.

SO I havea busy week and weekend end. The good thing is that I have all next week off regardless of what happens this week. I'm looking forward to a break. My roomate is possibly looking into a new saddle and either Wednesday or Thursday of next week we're going to Dover Saddlery in NH to try saddles and look and drool over the items in the huge store. I love that place and I don't mind the 2 and a half hr drive to get there. I just can's spend ANY money because I'm broke! I still need to pay board and that's gonna have to wai tuntil next pay period. Oh man I hope I get this job. Thank goodness this little show on Saturday is super cheap.

So that's about it for today. I'm just finishing up here at work and going to clean my office which desperately needs it. Dreaming of being at the barn instead. Oh, after work tonight we are all going to a co0workers house for a little going away party for myself and the other worker here so I'll have dinner there. I'm also planning on bringing Phineous inon Friday for my last day, what are they gonna do, fire me??!! Have a great day everyone. Now that read this post I can't believe how busy I actually am. I guess I kinda have a life and it revolves around my horse and animals, I love it.


Stephanie said...

Hey good luck on your presentation!

I still think you are handling all this so well...

And also good luck at your show if I don't get online and talk to you until then.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

cdncowgirl said...

Good luck with your presentation! And while you don't need the cards so that you have something to say I agree that you may need them to stay focused, otherwise your talk may end up in the 30 min. range! :)

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead, keep us posted.

Leah Fry said...

That presentation sounds like fun! Good luck. Bet you nail it!

Laura said...

Sounds like you have another fun weekend planned. I've been meaning to try and get to that Dover Saddlery store for a couple of years now - it would probably be about an 8-9 hour drive for us to NH. I need to plan it into a trip somehow!

I'm sure you will do great at your presentation - you seem to be confident, with a great personality.

Have fun at the show too!