Friday, October 3, 2008

Ready.. Set...Go!

This pic is of Moonshine and I last fall. This is one of my favorite pics of us. It was a crisp fall day and we we were just out cantering in the outdoor ring.

That's how I'm feeling about my upcoming weekend, and it's good to be busy. I went to the barn last night and let Possum out to graze after he had his dinner. I took the opportunity to give him a good brushing while he was eating. Even though he was still clean and fluffy underneath, he did have some dirt on his coat. I picked his feet and let him be. I hung out with my horsey friends and then went inside the owners house to watch the video that was taken of a show a few months ago. This was the show where Possum galloped around and tried to jump a jump when we were doing our ending courtesy circle.

Well after watching the video, it was much worse riding it then watching it. Sure there were a few chip ins and times when he would get speedy, but nothing like the speed show it felt like on top of his back. I felt a little better about our progress over the summer even though I didn't show him nearly as much as I wanted to for the sheer lack of funds. After watching the video I loaded up the dogs and we drove to our hometown. I spoke with "G" on the phone and he decided to come over when he got home and took a shower and asked that I order pizza and he'll pick it up on his way. He was being so nice and sweet and I know we're both in the same boat financially that I ordered it and paid for it. He came over shortly after and was all nice saying that I didn't have to pay for it and he was going to. It just felt like the right thing to do. I kinda got a rough nights sleep due to three dogs, one cat and a boy in my bed. I may complain about it now, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love all of my animals and they love me too. We're just a big happy family. I went about my normal routine this morning of letting the girls out to pee first and then taking a shower and getting dressed and then taking all of them out for their normal session. I refilled their food and water dishes, gave them each a kiss bye and left for work.

I have a busy day ahead of me. I'm finishing up everything at work, need to get out a little early to switch laundry over and pack all of mine and the dogs stuff for staying the night at my parents house. I'm meeting my roomie at the police dept. and then we're going to my parents house, dropping the dogs off and going to the haunted ski area. AFter that we'll probably grab a late dinner and then I'll go to my parents house and Holli will drive home.

The next morning is my cousins shower and then we're all going to the fair together. Saturday night the dogs and I are staying at "G's" and then Sunday I'm going to the fair to go to the races. It's a weekend packed full, but it's all things that I enjoy. I told Possum last night that he's getting the weekend off and to rest and eat, I think he'll take my advice. Then next week is my last week of employment and then I have a week off to relax and destress. I also should know about the job early next week which I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have also been toying with the idea of attending a local jumper and equitation show. I usually like to end the show season wil a bang and just have fun and do our thing. I think more seriously about it when I've paid all of my bills for the first of this month and see what's up.

So have a great weekend everyone, the weather is supposed to be nice here and I'm going to tke full advantage. SO what are all your plans for the weekend? does it involve any riding?


cdncowgirl said...

Have a great weekend!
My plans are:
1- Send off a few packages in the mail ;)
2- Clean hottub
3- Barrel racing Sunday!
4- Find time for some homework (Greek)
5- Update the club finances and type up the AGM minutes (Barrel racing club)

Laura said...

sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

It's nice to get out and do stuff while the weather is still good (except for horse shows in the rain!)

Glad to hear that things with G and all of the pets are going well.

Leah Fry said...

You didn't mention your health, so how are you feeling?

We are having guests next weekend, so at least some time this weekend needs to be spent cleaning bathrooms and such. I haven't been up to see my horses in a week. The ragweed count is super high and both Mr. Fry and I have been feeling really spacey all week, and going out there just makes it a zillion times worse, even on meds. I will prolly head out there tomorrow and/or Sunday -- I need to try out the new bit.

Glad things are going well with G.

sidetracked said...

I'm still fighting this cold which sucks. I'm typing now from my parents house cause I'm spending the night with the pups. The haunted house/ski area was awesome and totally worth going!!!

Amy said...

When is the jumper show?

Melanie said...

Moonshine looks like he/she is a HUGE horse!!!

Sorry to hear about you job, but maybe something better will come of just might get that dream job! :)

Thanks for your "not paranoid" vote on my blog. There is definitely a fine line between being careful,and being!!!

sidetracked said...

Amy- I don't think there is a jumper show at Tall Pines this year. The jumper show I'm thinking about is at Chez Chevaux maybe

As for Moonshine. She is a 7yo 16.3hand mare that was born on the farm. She is a beautiful perch/Tb who oodles of talent.