Monday, June 15, 2009

Gearing up for the weekend

SO because the weather has been rainy and basically crappy yesterday and now onto today I've been a little down. This is normal for me when the sun goes away and the temps cool down with a steady rain. I motivated myself to go to the barn yesterday. It was literally pouring. Possum was in the shelter with the other horses and I went to get him. I had to take a second look because he was shivering. I have never seen him shiver before, but he was definately shaking in his shoes. It wasn't that cold out, probably around 60 degrees but the rain must have soaked him just enough. SO I brought him in the barn and put a warm wool cooler on him to dry him off and warm him up. I gave him some hay to eat to help jump start his warming system. Of all teh years I've had him and in all kinds of weather I have never seen him shiver. His legs were shaking as well as his flanks. His stomach was all sucked in. I checked his gums to make sure they were pink and did the pinch test to see if he was dehydrated and all was fine. He pooped fine and within half an hour he had stopped shaking. I rubbed a clean dry towel all over him until he was almost dry. I had plans of riding him but after that ordeal I thought it would be mean so I threw a rain sheet on him and put him back out and stayed a little while to keep an eye on him. He was perfectly fine by then.

I don't know what it was that made him so cold. I was wet and everything but I wasn't cold at all. It just must have been a freak thing. While he was warming up in the barn I looked over his two cuts from the barrel incident. They were healing nicely. The one above the coronary band was scabbed over, and the one below his hock was closing nicely. I rinsed both of them with cold water and gave them a dab of antibiotic ointment and called it good. It was the green light I needed to continue to work him this week. No swelling anywhere, everything looked good.

But it's raining and yucky again today and with that my motivation lacks a lot. I'm in the office most of the day which is draining in itself, I'd much rather be running around to schools and things, it makes the time go by faster.

As for the date on Friday it went really well. Dinner was OK, I didn't know many of the people but I hung in there and did well. Then we went bowling and that was when the fun started. They had a band there and it was like disco bowling. Everyone loosened up and I kicked ass bowling hahaha. I'm not that good at disc golf, but I can bowl so I felt like I redeemed myself a little. Nick and I had a blast and I was able to sneak in quick hugs and pecks. I really like being with him. I ended up crashing at his place that night at 3am, we were both exhausted.

The next day he and I and his friend and GF went disc golfing. It was a course I havn't been to and it was a blast. The other girl got tired after 18 holes and wanted to leave. Both Nick and I were up for doing another round, but since we all came in the same car we reluctantly left. I do believe that Nick is going to make an appearance at the show this Saturday. That really says a lot to me. The show is over 2 hrs away and as we all know they can be kinda boring if your not a horse person. I clearly gave him an out because he doesn't need to prove anything to me. I'm going to be busy and a little stressed and he totally understands and wants to come support me. Man I like this kid! So things are going well with us. We're definately exclusive and in terms of anything mroe serious, it's a possibility, we'll see.

Alright, back to work. Just wanted to give you guys an update in this rainy weather. I'm praying for blue skies on Saturday, and Friday for that matter. Oh and also Sunday we are having our summer barn party which is also goign to be a blast. SO it's a horse filled weekend coming up!!!!


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Summer is on the way . . . we just have to trust . . .


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Leah Fry said...

Lots of pictures on Monday!!