Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the games begin....

So I'm sitting here at work basically waiting for the doors to open and let me free to race around like a chicken with my head cut off for the rest of the weekend. As soon as I leave the office I'm literally racing home, changing into yucky barn clothes since it's absolutely pouring out and getting Possum set up for a quick bath out in the rain to get ready for the show tomorrow. I am seriously debating on wearing my bathing suit since it's that wet outside. When I say pouring, I mean pouring hard. So let's go through th elist of things I have to do tonight to get ready for the show tomorrow

Bathe Possum

Pack hay nets

Pack water bucket

Pack the truck with my tack

Wash show saddle pad tonight

Pack show clothes

Set out clothes to wear in the morning

Pack extra dry clothes and rain gear

Blanket Possum and wrap his back legs so they stay white

Trim facial hairs on Possum

Trim legs

Paint hooves

Pack brushes and extra rain sheet for Possum

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure I'll come up with a few more. It can be overwhelming to remember all of those things and not go crazy, especially when I'm just sitting here at work waiting to leave.

I went to the barn last night and took Possum out for a ride. I noticed after doing the pinch test that he was a little dehydrated so we gave him some more electrolytes and he drank about half a bucket of water shortly after that. He was actually a little lazy at first for our ride but as soon as we started jumoing he perked right up. We had to have some reminder halts and sharp half halts but for the most part it was an OK ride and I'm hoping that it's enough to take us to the show. ON a good note he didn't even nick any of the jumps and was really rounding and getting good form over them. As always he just needs to not be so heavy and quick. The barn owner even got on him last night to try out some new stirrups we were testing and said that he is one of her least favorite horses to ride. Nature was not kind on him with giving him a straight shoulder and being built downhill. SO after the ride I tucked him in for the night and gave him lots of hay and two buckets of water after he drank another half bucket when we were finished.

After riding I went with Nick and his friend Jon to go play disc golf a couple towns over. We were really lucky and it barely spinkled when we were there and we had a blast. I didn't really do too well but it was still fun. After; we went to a local pub and had a great dinner. It felt nice when Nick was all affectionate and huggey and kissey. When he first saw me he gave me the biggest hug and kiss I thought he was going to break me. He was all rubbing my leg at dinner and stuff. It feels nice to have someone like me and want to spend time with me. He's just really a great guy and I hope things keep going on the good track that they are. I totally have feelings for this dude. But the best part about Nick is that he loves all of my animals and they all love him. Whenever I go to his apartment he begs me to bring the dogs. He doesn't mind them hogging the bed and he was really concerned when Possum wasn't feeling well. That to me is one of the most important qualities in a mate. If you like me, you have to like my animals and they also have to give their approval. My dog Phin is the hardest critic and he adores Nick which is always a plus. Well that's enough blabbering, I'm going to go back to counting the minutes now. Don't know if I'll have time to check in before tomorrow but I promise to have pics to share after the show. No guarantee on if their going to be good or not, but I'll get some.


Stephanie said...

Good Luck at the show!!! and Have Fun!

Stephanie said...

Good look at the show! I wanna go too!!

You got me all feeling excited when I read your to do list. I hit the "wash show pad tonight item" and was like "uh oh" that always sucks. I usually either forget to do it or remember late and stay up till midnight getting it done and then the thing is damp in the morning. Grrr.

What is it with us show girls that we can't do it at the end of the last show? I have closely examine that question for years and have no answer. At the end of every show I talk myself out of washing it thinking for sure I will get it done way before the next show. HA! Oh well - such is life.

Jessie said...

Good luck, I can't wait to hear how you do, and see photos!

cdncowgirl said...

3 things
1- have an awesome show!
2- what is disc golf?
3- PLEASE send us some rain. (seriously, its a drought up here)