Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the mend

Thanks everyone for your well wishes for Possum. He is doing great. I went to the barn last night after work and he was in his stall and was happy to see me. I took him out and looked him all over. He looked good. No swelling in the glands and was his chipper self. He has lost a little weight so we have been puttin the hay right to him and he's gobbling it up. Instead of riding I decided to take him for a run. Yes folks, I snapped a lead rope on his halter, was dressed in shorts and a tank top and headed down the road jogging with my horse in tow. Running with a hrose isn't always easy. He kept switching sides on me so I would have to switch my hand that was holding the lead rope. Now I am in no shape to run 2 miles up and down hills so I would stop and walk a bit and then start jogging again. All I can say is that my horse is in waaaaay better shape than I am. It puts me to shame.

When we got back to the barn I gave him a good grooming and he drank almost a whole bucket of water. I picked out his stall, refilled his water buckets and gave him his dinner hay and tucked him in for the night. He looked good and I have hoped of riding him tonight after work since this will be the last chance for a work out before the show Saturday. I think he'll be up for the task.

Before leaving the barn I loaded up my saddle and bridles and my roomies's tack and brought it all home to clean. I carried it up to the roof and had a little tack cleaning party since I wouldn't have time Friday night to do it. I cleaned and oiled and then oiled some more. All of my leather thanked me. Especially my bridle I use just for training at the farm, it was in sad shape. I took extra time on that one. So now all of my tack is ready to go and get soaked in the rain for Saturday, yea! (totally sarcastic). I just need to wash my show pad and then Friday night bathe and braid Mr. Possum and pack hay nets and tack and go to bed early. Despite the weather forecast I'm going to put a happy face on and enjoy the show. After all I'm paying an arm and a leg for it, I better make the best of it. Below are a couple pics of my clean saddle and bridle. The bridle is my show one, I use the happy mouth pelham and Possum goes pretty well in it for the most part. The other is my pride and joy saddle, a Circuit Pro. Have a great day everyone.


Stephanie said...

so glad to hear Possum is feeling better! Have a great time at the show:) Hope it doesn't rain too much!

SillyPony said...

I'll be thinking of you on Saturday when Junior and I are at our show. We're supposed to have scattered thunder storms, but luckily we're in stalls and the arena is covered and only about 50 feet from the barn. It'll still be a mess, though if we get enough rain.

Break a leg!!!

Laura said...

Glad Possum is doing ok - hope you have fun at the show. Maybe Nick (Is that his name???)can get us some good pictures of you and Possum all decked out!

Jenn said...

I have the same saddle as your! I LOVE IT! It is so comfy! Have a great show! I am glad your baby is better!

cdncowgirl said...

So glad to her Possum is feeling better.
Cleaning tack is kinda a PITA but its always so nice when its done.