Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things are going well

Well it's been a few days since I've checked in on the blog. I've been busy at the barn riding and with the Nick stuff. Leah Fry asked in the comments of my last post of when my next show is, I think I've mentioned it, but since it's coming up really soon I will talk about it again. My next show is a big hunter show on June 20th, Fathers Day weekend. It's almost 3 three hrs away from the barn so it's kind of a haul. It's a double judged show and I will be showing in the adult equitation and amateur adult hunter divisions 2'9"-3ft. No warm-up over anything small, just diving right in to the 3ft world. Because it's double judged and at a large show it's quite expensive. The whole day with 6 classes I'm entering and trailering it's gonna cost me about $300. But on the other hand it should be really cool. The ring is under cover with bleacher seating so there should also be a lot of spectators. It's also the show's 30th year so there are special prizes and ribbons and gift bags for everyone when they check in in the morning. I'm just a little nervous about doing well. SO lately I've been riding almost everyday at the barn. Shooling some days and then mixing it up with trail rides which Possum loves. We're been making steady process, it just depends on if it sticks when we get into the show ring. Mostly we're working on not rushing lines, everything else is really quite good. My position always needs attention, but I'm working on it and my leg is finally becoming stronger and doesn't move at all no matter what spot I get. Sitting up and tall with boobs up and ass out hahaha. So that's what I've been working on lately.

The other night I was really tired and had been puttering around the house all day but decided to go to the barn and ride Possum. I had plans of only riding to the pond and back which is less then an hr. I got to the pond and then decided to explore a road which turned into another and then another. Pretty soon I was totally lost and confused and didn't even know which end was up. SO I just went with it. I asked a few people for directions and ended up allmost 3 towns from the barn hahaha. It was steadily getting dark and threatening to rain. For a while I gave Possum's back a break and got off and walked and jogged with him so that I could ge some exercise too. My horse is so good. He walks right with me without me holding onto him, and when I start jogging he trots. He's too cool. We finally made it back to the barn three hours later. I was dumb and didn't even bring my phone with me since I didn't think I was going anywhere special. The barn owner was a little concerned, but she knows me and said that she wouldn't start to get worried unil it got completely dark. So I gave Possum a little extra grain in his dinner and gave him an extra rub down and turned him out to a new round bale in his paddock, he was in heaven.

Onto the Nick saga. Things are going great! We didn't see each other and had minimal contact for 4 days. It sucked and I missed him a whole lot and I didn't laugh nearly as much in those 4 days as I normally would with him. We started hanging out again this past weekend and it was great. He expressed to me how much he likes me and how we have so much fun together. He was basically begging me to see him, and it didn't take much for me to give in hahaha. He came to the barn last night and we went on a trail ride. He galloped Possum and was on cloud nine. He was grinning ear to ear and said that that was so cool. Possum took good care of him and I doubt he was all out, but it was safe and that's all I care about. After we got back and took care of the horses he was all huggey and kissey and asked me to come to his house for dinner. I'm not gonna lie, I love the attention and it feels really good to be wanted. I'm trying very hard not to fall to hard too fast and keep my wits about me, but really we have nothing but a good time together. It's a great situation actually. I have my own horse life and horse friends and eh has a ton of friends in his life so it's OK that we do our own things and then sometimes we get to do our own things with each other. He likes and barn and loves my horse, and I really like hanging out with his friends and their really cool.

So that's about it. Working, horses and hanging with Nick and I'm totally content right now. I'm going to enjoy the moment and have fun with every day that comes. I have a big exciting show coming up and a great support system in my friends and Nick. It's great. Nick even asked me to go out to a pretty fancy restaurant tomorrow night. Kinda sounds like a real date to me, totally cool! Well have a great day. It's raining here but I'm home doing work on the computer (minus this blog post) and I'm in a great mood so who cares. Plus Possum definately deserves a day off today since he's been ridden like 6 days in a row.


Stephanie said...

I am excited that someone is going to a show anyway! I will live through you at the show, just tell all about it when it's over. I LOVE big shows - I just have so much fun at them.

Glad you in a good mood and riding lots. Hopefully that will be me again someday!

sidetracked said...

Thanks Stephanie, I still think you need to hop on a plane and come to Maine hehehe. You'll be up and showing soon I know it. This is just a small break in your long show career.

Also for got to add that Abby has been diarhea free for 3 days!!! Yeah all is well in the house again

Leah Fry said...

Ooh, a date! Pick out something lovely to wear and be prepared to tell us all about it!

That show is coming up fast. Sounds cool with special prizes and all. Hope someone goes with you so we'll have pix!

And no poo in the house is always a good thing!