Monday, August 25, 2008

Was It A Work Weekend?

This past weekend did not feel like time off to me at all. I was a busy bee at the barn. Friday I rode and hung out with barn friends. "G" has been on the mend lately and doing well and really treating me like I EXPECT to be treated. The dogs have been great and glad for all the barn time. But I'm exhausted now and it's only Monday, the beginning of the work week.

Satirday got up bright and early to ride Possum before it started to get really hot. The barn was a zoo. Everyone that was going to the show decided to show up at the same time on Saturday morning. So after a nice hard ride I took Possum for our usually pre show gallop. The bathed him and pack out hay and equipment. and let him out to eat grass.

Yesterday was the show. It was a long day and over a 2hr drive to the grounds. The morning was nice and cool but it quickly became hot and steamy. Possum was a little hyper in warm-up which made me a little nervous. We went in for our first jumping class and he was almost racing around. As soon as he had a jump or a line in his sights he threw his head up to get away from the contact, hollowed his back and charged full steam ahead. It was a little embarassing to say the least. We had some OK spots, but he was just really strong. He also put in a little "Possum'ism". At the end of our first course, it ended at the far end of the ring. So instead od doing a courtesy cicrle, I made a big sweeping wide turn and went to canter slowly back to the in gate. Possum caught the outside line out of the corner of his eye and literally jumped sideways to get in front of it to jump. I pulled on the reins and and gave him an outside spur air and he nearly colided with the jump standard. He didn't want to be done and wanted to keep jumping. No one can say that he doesn't like jumping! We only ride in two jumping classes because their expensive. I then had two flats which I won, but there was only a few people in them. Possum is always good on the flat because there is really nothing to be excited about. SO I got back late. UNloaded all of the horses, unpacked and tucked Possum in for the night "G" had the dogs so I went home and took a shower to wash all the sweat and dirt off and then went over to his place cause he said he wanted to make dinner for me. It actually ended up being a great night. He was sweet as pie, we ate and then I basically passed out and didn't wake up once.

Had a hard time getting up this morning but I did it and have had a very busy morning at work. Not sure if I'm going to the barn to watch my roomate ride and let the dogs run around or go home and rest. Possum is getting the day of and then it's back to work for him.

Just a side note. After Possum was bathed and clean and I was finished packing, the barn owner had a scheduled trail ride/lesson for a boarder. He owns a rescued OTTB gelding who is 4yrs old now. He was recently gelded and has started his new life as a western trail horse. He has been at the barn for 2 months and is doing great! The man is the husband to the famous actress Julie Hagerty, his name is Richard. This is a recent pic of Richard of Julie and Richard. You might recognize Julie as in roles of the movie Airplane!, the ditsy flight attendent. Also she was the mom in What About Bob and has also been in many others, here are a few pics.
This one was her in the movie Airplane!
This is when Julie was younger.

This picture below is Julie and her husband Richard and two others actors at a function.

Well Richard is a very nice man and loves his horse and other horses in general. Julie feels the same way, although she is currently starring in a play in New York on broadway so is not at the barn as much as Richard. I tagged along on the trail ride the other day and he got to talking about how he wants to have the barn owner set up a non profit for helping take in rescued and unwanted horses and then training them and making them functional members of the equine community where their chance of ending up back in the situation would be greatly reduced with all of the training and riding and possibly some showing. The barn owner does all of this out her own pocketnow and turns green and problem horses into real gems. He wants his donation to be setting her up with the legal stuff and then having a function at his summer home to raise donations and start the program up. We both were really excited at the prospect and Richard looked very serious about this. He is a very wealthy man but does a lot of good with his money and may want to help the barn rehab and re-train horses which would be excellent! he also knows many other celebrities and people with money to help donate to so I think this may be the start of a great thing at the barn. Keep your fingers crossed.

So yea, it was an OK weekend, but very tiring. I couldn't really get mad at Possum because he was just having fun and I'm not going to punish him for liking jumping too much. So probably gonna take it easy tonight and watch a movie and maybe hang at the barn.


Stephanie said...

Yeah I have shows like that too - where its no ones fault, it just didn't work out in your favor.

Too bad though I was thinking about ya - guessing that you were out there kicking butt!

I have a scab on my chin still from the Appy show where I smacked it on my wheelbarrow trying to get it out of my truck. Man that hurts!

Only thing about eating out all weekend is that I feel like a puffer fish! I feel like I need so go run 3 miles or something...

Also I too am glad "G" is being nice again...

Heidi said...

Glad that Possum had fun at the show! Some people make showing such a chore, so it's good that he had a good time. It's great when horses love their job!

How cool that you might get to help or at least be involved with a barn that could help horses. I'd love to be rich and be able to make a difference like that!

Leah Fry said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend all the way around. It's cool that Possum is so willing.

Melanie said...

Hah!!! Airplane is one of my husbands favorite movies!!! How cool that you get to hobnob with the rich and famous :)

Maybe Mae said...

Congrats on winning those flat classes!! You kind of blew past your victories but I think it's great! Also, I LOVE What About Bob? Best movie ever and she was darling in it!