Friday, August 29, 2008

Serious as a heart attack

Kinda off topic, but I found a pic of this appy in England and for once I really like him. Looks to be very athletic and sporty. See, there are some appy's I do like. He's 17H

Last night "G" was supposed to come over and make home made pizzas. he decided that he had things to do at his house like laundry etc...and asked if I wanted to come over instead. As I told you, my blogger family yesterday I was firm in staying at my apartment. I told him that I had stayed at the barn longer than expected, had to switch my bedding over to the dryer, fold and put away clothes and vacuum and then wanted to relax in my own bed. I immediately noticed a pissy undertone from that conversation on. After I had gotten home, I swotched the laundry, folded clothes and made fettuccini alfredo with muchrooms for myself all the while watching The Color Purple on our new satellite! I love the Color Purple. I am a drama freak "movies, not real life) and the more serious and historically correct movies are, the more I like them.

SO I texted "G" and asked him how the pizza was. His reply was "It'll be fine when I have it." I took that as really pissy. I asked him if he had something to talk about to tell me, but it was a no go. He then texted me after a little while that he was brushing his teeth and going to bed and goodnight, very short like that. I refrained from texting him back because I felt like he was shitting on me and being an ass because he couldn't communicate effectively how he was feeling. This morning I get a text from him saying to have a good day. His idea of "making up" and asking me to let things go. I was still a little hurt by his immaturity last night so I did not respond. I then get some nast messages a couple hrs later saying to have a nice life and accusing me of having a fit about where he went to lunch (lie) how busy he was this coming weekend (lie #2) and the fact that I was only going to the barn to let the dogs run around and them coming home to do stuff. Since when is he my keeper and when do I have a curfew of coming home, especially from the fricken barn!! I asked him why he was acting like this and to stop being hateful. His response "well I am and only to you." I have refused to respond to that. I think he needs some time to process and think about how he is acting and be able to express his feelings in other more productive ways. I have made a revelation today that this is the situation that we used to go rounds in. We both couldn't see past the end of your noses and would just go round and round with each other. No wonder we weren't very happy! SO I'm sticking to my guns and I feel pretty damn good! I know I did everything appropriate and am standing on high ground. I can sympathize with how he is feeling and am willing to talk with him about it, but I refuse to be his verbal punching bag. So with that said, it's Friday and I'm ready for a nice long weekend. I slept great in my own clean bed surrounded by my cat and two dogs.

So the barn last night. I went with the intention of letting the dogs run around and play while I just hung out and watched any activity going on. I let Possum out of his paddock to graze on the lawn, he was very happy with that. The dogs played and I chatted horses with my friends. I helped a woman on her position and her canter work. I went in the tack store and bought some new bug spray in anticipation fo the fair. I don't want any mosquitos or bugs to bite him due to the high volume of livestock and possible things floating around, like EEE. I also brainstormed on my outfits for the fair and was mixing and matching polo wraps and saddle pads. I think I have it narrowed down. There is going to be a navy day. Navy polos, Navy pad, I have a navy polo shirt with tan breeches and my tall boots. Tere is also going to be a white day. White pad, white polos and a while polo shirt that I have with my Kerrits blue breeches and tall boots. Also a black day with the same combination, a purple day and a pink day. On the last day of the fair I dress in my show clothes. I'm having so much fun getting ready for this.

I then helped a friend roll a round bale out since she was doing feeding chores and watched my roomate for a few minutes working on some slow trot and canter work getting her horse to stretch and be more responsive. Then I headed home. I plan on riding tonight, maybe just an easy ride and working on endurance for the upcoming fair. I want him fit as possible. I'll work him about 5 days a week and right before the fair he'll have 2 days off and be raring to go. SO have a good weekend everyone. I have faith in the "G" situation and that he'll come around eventually. I'm looking forward to sleeping in. Might attend a game show this weekend as a spectator and also work with Possum, with definately some galloping!!! POssibly go swimming to the pond as well if it's hot and sunny.


Samphony said...

Sounds like "G" is throwing hand grenades trying to bait you into a blowout. Your counselor would be proud of you and how you're handling him. Molly's happiness comes first in life now. It would be great if you were both on the same page, but "G" doesn't seem to be at that point yet. Wish he'd talk to someone that could help him iron out things. He's certainly on a rollercoaster where you are concerned.

We'll be at the barn on Monday. Hope Morgaine is back from the hospital by then so we can see her. Poor baby! Enjoy your weekend however you end up spending it!

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

IMHO, men dont think the way that we do and tend to not "get" our "stands" or associated our actions with their own. They get confused and then frustrated and pissy. They can get confused about how they feel and mix up their emotions (getting bad when they feel love or being distant and dismissive rather than admit jealousy.) In the past, I use to try to point out the TRUE feelings and reasons for my mans actions. These days I dont waste my time. They let go of things and we dont. The minute I turn sweet and lovey dovey, he does as well (98% of the time). Personally, I stay away from e-mails and texts for anything beyond cute little love notes or arrangements. Especially for women. We tend to apply OUR emotions on simple statements to blow them into something they wer enot. I always stop and ask myself, "what do I want!?!" Do I want him to do something, say something, act a certain way, etc.. Once I can answer that question to myself, I have to decide if it is realistically possible. If it isnt, I know I have to let it go or change things up. If it is, I try to tell my DB about what I want and what will make me happy, as clearly and concisely as possible without adding any emotional things like "I feel". I think guys like to FIX things and when you give them a very specific task to fix something, they tend to do it happily. There is my input! LOL...not that you asked for it! I feel your frustration, totally, men can be so....well... stupid! LOL! I say that lovingly, of course!

20 meter circle of life said...

Good for YOU!! Very proud of you and the personal work you are doing!!
So the horse in the pic, is an Appy as we Americans know it or is it Knabstrupper (sp?) He looks lovely though.
Have a great weekend, I too am planning some serious barn time

Anonymous said...

Spend more time thinking of Possum and less time thinking of men: that's my advice. Okay, i know it's not good advice,, but that's why i am not Ann Landers. Men: Cant keep 'em; cant kill 'em. Oh, wait, my daughter has a sign that says, "At first i missed him, but then my aim improved." Would you guess that i am 25 years happily married?

sidetracked said...

On the website it has him as a registered appy.

Stephanie said...

The Navy outfit sounds like it would be great - if you can get a pic i would love to see one.

I think the way you handled G was good - my hubby has the same thing in trying to bait me into a fight. Though unfortunately usually I bite - it really irks him when I don't, but the next day its everything is fine again - he's either figured things out without a fight or shoved it under the surface for another day...