Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Weekend Update

*note: These are not pics of me or Possum, but they were the best representation I could find*

Had a wonderful 3 days off from work. The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, but completely sunny and perfect for doing things outside. I did a lot of sleeping in, hangig at home with the dogs and lots of riding! Saturday my roomate and I rode to the pond bareback and went swimming. Literally swimming, over the horsees heads all the way out and then back to shore. It was such a blast and what power horses have. My favorite part is when we're getting so they can just touch and they do a little run rear thing. It feels like a carousel horse, and you better hold on or your coming off. Since Possum doesn't have a mane I took an old stirrup leather and put it around his neck to hold onto. He was a perfect angel and was such a sport. I think they liked the feeling of the water in a hot day.

Sunday I gave him the day off but let him out to graze and groomed him in the yard while I watched others ride and hung out. Also ground some flax seed with the new grinder out on the picnic table until dark, that was interestering doing 20lbs of it. We all took turns and just goofed around.

Yesterday I went out on a trail ride with a bunch of others because they wanted to see the pond. Again, I rode bareback and away we went. Everyone got in the water a little, but a woman who boards but is leaving to go home to Ohio soon brought her 5yo Quarter Horse Joe into the water. She stripped off her saddle and pad and away we went. She had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it the while way home. It was just a perfect weekend as a whole.

My plan is to work Possum only lightly this week in preparation for the fair next week. I'm gonna clean my tack and get all of my clothes and colors organized for the fair. He'll be trailered over to the fair this coming Sunday and stay there until Saturday. I am just so excited to have the time off from work and to ride all week.

Things with "G" are holding steady. I had it out with him about his drinking and it seemed to sink in. He has been drinking everyday, not to get drunk, but it could easily get that way. He's trying to keep his nose clean and out of trouble and when he does that he's a whole lot nicer to me in return. I'm gonna miss him some this week. He has Ford school in Massachusettes from Wed-Fri so he'll be out of town. I'll have a chance to get all my horse stuff done and get everything done that I need to for work. So just an update today.

Tomorrow I will hold another jumping clinic by popular request, I had a few photos sent in so will do another round. If anyone has any pics of themself or anyone else they want to share of jumping go ahead and email me at possum8781@yahoo.com and I'll add them to the blog tomorrrow.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL sounds like you all had a rowdy wet time in the pond! Gotta love a horse who has a blast swimming. (Well, that and he has SPOTS! hehehe)

Cant WAIT to see pics of you guys from the fair. I LOVE STB's and had a great time going fair to fair with them... Even got to ride in the gate car once- THAT was cool- what a neat perspective that gave me.

Have fun as Marshall, and TAKE PICS WHEN YOU CAN PLEASE!!! ;)

Maybe Mae said...

I love your description of the swimming, especially the "rearing carousel horse." I've never gone swimming with a horse so I am living vicariously through you. Sounds like fun! :)