Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stats Thursday

About Possum:

He's 15.3H

He's just turned 13.

He is unregistered to my knowledge.

I never even got a bill of sale from the owner that I never met.

He came from a dealer in Vermont before I met him.

He was barefoot when I met him and extremely uncomfortable.

He was approximately 220 lbs less when we met than he is right now.

He was extremely green and could be sat on but was clueless about anything else.

I've had him for 5 years next week.

My dentist and dental hygeniest each paid $700 to buy him as the owner wanted to ship him to Canada for slaughter unless he got $1,400 FIRM.

I paid back my dental hygeniest in a year and my dentist told me that the money was a gift for saving the horse.

Possum lives at a barn with 61 other horses.

Possum lives outside 24/7 with a run in shelter.

His nick name at the barn is Brick Shit House.

Possum wears all 4 shoes and even shoes with borium in the winter.

He requires his teeth to be floated every 6 months.

He's an easy keeper.

We currently show in the 2'9"-3' hunter and equitation divisions.

Possum's show name is Sidetracked.

He does not crib, chew, paw and also respects fencing.

If you jump up and down in front of him he will rear and try to kill you.

His favorite treats are grain and sugar.

Last summer he beat a TB mare who won over $600,000 in racing career at a galloping race and pulled away.

Possum loves traile and will never bite, kick or act nasty towards another horse even if you run into him.

In the arena he will follow me everywhere on foot at any gait. If I jump jumps on foot he will follow. We have running races and usually wins.

We're basically best friends!

Anyone else feel free to post stats on your own horse(s).


cdncowgirl said...

I'll do a stats post on my blog in the near future.
You forgot to mention that you describe him as "puke colored" lmao
(sorry but that really cracked me up!)
It would be really interesting to know why jumping up and down gets such a vicious reaction.
But all in all its obvious you two have a special connection. :)

Anonymous said...

what I beautiful picture of best friends you paint!! Wish my horse thinks that way about me :)

however... having his teeth done every 6 months AND have to have 4 shoes alllll the time- doesn't put you necessarly in the "easy keeper" slot- I bet THAT gets $$. Now, nothing bad- I'd do it for my horse in a second too!!!

Good luck this week in Oxford!

Leah Fry said...

Congratulations! I, a nominating committee of one, hereby present you with an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up -- it will tell you there what to do!

Anonymous said...

Great post so fun to read and how cool he beat a successful TB! What a great story gave me the "warm fuzzies". Sounds like Possum knows you turned his life around and in turn he will give his all for you and would to anything for you a best friend for sure. I bet he would even save your life if he hasn't already!

I love his barn name (it sounds like he's earned it too).

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again: "Possum is an awesome horse." He has beauty and personality. Lucky!

Stephanie said...

I missed this some how - it is a really neat post!

How funny about the jumping thing!

Sorry I missed this one!