Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their well wishes and positive thoughts. This weekend was kinda tough letting the reality of losing the job set in and my future financial stress. I did manage to ride Saturday and Sunday. Possum was absolutely perfect on Ssaturday so I ended our ring session and we went with another woman on the trails. She is an accomplished horsewoman and had no issues with keeping up with us. She goes fox hunting regularly and is just a great person. We even did a good gallop session and had a ton of fun. Due to all of the stress lately I wasn't really feeling the greatest this weekend but did manage to get another ride in Sunday before I rested for the rest of the day. Possum was pretty good and then we went out to the little cross country course to jump some of the stone walls and tires etc...

Fall is definately here in Maine. We have been having frosts at night and I have been putting a sheet on Possum to try and keep the hair and fuzz down atleast until the Medal Finals this coming weekend. Talk about another stresser. The finals are a few days away and my brain and is not even able to focus on it. I have a lot of work to do in terms of riding and getting my tack all washed and oiled again and my game plan down. I know we'll do alright as long as I can keep it together. We have a good chance of doing well.

Work is tough to be at right now. Finishing with cases and families and putting my messy folders in some kind of order. I find myself zoning at the computer and day dreaming. I did complete my updated resume and sent a couple out to my dream jobs www.msspa.org and www.pinelandfarms.org with no real expectations since they have not advertised any openings but worth a shot none the less. I also printed out some prospects and need to send some more info out this week. Things are just happening so fast. Also called unemployment about how much I can get and trying to work out a possible budget on that short term. Things are gonna be tight, but I should be OK.

Now onto good things. "G" is being wonderful and supportive through all this. He has been a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. He has been making and getting me dinners and offering to let the dogs out and very affectionate. But I know what everyone is saying, this has been a roller coaster ride or epic proportions and could just be another good followed by some bad, but I'm taking advantage of it right now.

Little Jetta has also been great. She is officially off a leash in the yard and at the barn and is excellent. She is good with the other dogs and definately does most of the pushing if there is an issue. She comes when she's called which is a huge milestone since she would look at me before and turn the other way. She is an official bed hog and loves to curl up where it's warm. My parents are not happy at all about the new addition and practically ordered me to bring her back to the shelter. I had to put my foot down on that one. They just don't understand what makes me and tick and what makes me happy. None of my friends or "G" would ever let any of my animals go without or myself for that matter. This is merely a bump in the road and hopefully it will bring better and bigger things with it. SOme things you just can't plan and and this was one of those things.

So I'm trying to get through the week, get my work stuff done and figure out my future plans but also focusing on the biggest show of the year. I feel like everything is coming to a head at once. But I just couldn't not go to this show, it's something that we've worked so hard for all year to do and we have a really good shot of placing high. I have to make it work. "G" will also be there to help me after his tuff truck competition so that will help since I don't ride now until late in the afternoon. And I promise to update all of my blogger friends on everything that goes on. SO please keep thinking of me. I really rely on my internet friends for strength and support. You guys know what it's like being a horse and animal person and trying to balance that with real life responsibilities. SO keep your blog updated so I have some good reading material and as always feel free to comment.


cdncowgirl said...

Glad to hear you're keeping it together... was kinda worried when you hadn't posted any updates.

I'm sooo excited for your big show! How weird is that, I mean I don't even know you. And I've just recently found your blog and got all caught up so I barely know you as a fellow blogger for crying out loud! Definitely keep us in the loop and let us know how it goes. :)

Leah Fry said...

Hang in there and kick butt at that show! And take pix!

Stephanie said...

Ahhhh! I know how it feels to get that talk from my folks, and you're right, they don't know exactly how you tick - or they do, they just let their plans/dreams/hopes for you override what they know really makes you happy.

My parents were real bad at that too...

You are doing nothing wrong as along as you can support the dogs and horse.They just worry about you that's all.

I am very relived to hear you will be receiving some unemployment - sometime we all complain about paying taxes and what not, but when its you that needs it - you're attitude changes alittle, or at least mine did.

Keep preparing for the show - after I lost my job a horse show the after was just the thing I needed to get my mind off things.

Anonymous said...


Would Casey Family Services be of interest? They are in my building in Portland anyway above is the link for job opportunities. Good luck and keep your chin up.

ps...very cute doggie.