Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ramblings on a Wednesday

Pic of dogs running through tall grass. Not my dogs and not as tall as the grass last night, but you get the picture.

I have to admit that I had a tough day yesterday. I was in the office the entire day and working onthe compputer. My neck started to hurt, my back ached and then I started to get a head ache. The words began to swirl on the screen and I was quickly running out of steam. I left work at about 5P and went to "G's" house to pick up the dogs. I really wasn't feeling well and my chest was all tight and the back of my head ached. When I got to his house the dogs wre happy to see me as always and we went for a long walk through the woods exploring sose of the new logging trails and coming out to a field. The field was quite large and had not been mowed all summer. The grass and golden rods were taller than me. I laughed outloud as I saw the dogs bounding through the grass like deer and trying to see where they were going. Eventually we followed some of the many deer paths and came to the edge of the woods to "G"s" house. The dogs had fun and I didn't feel so guilty about not going to the barn since they got some time to run and play and go to the bathroom. I still wasn't feeling well but it was good to be outside. I drove back home and basically plopped on the bed and watched TV. My roomie came home shortly and I really was shaky and started to spin and my palms were sweating. I was actually afraid that I was going to faint. "G" was also concerned and I told him it was probably just my reaction to all the stress. My roomie was great and went out and bought me a bowl of soup and a dessert. I ate it all and started to feel better.

I took the dogs out again to pee and do their thing and felt like I had more energy. I went and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and just watched animal planet until about 10:30 and fell asleep.

I feel better today. I don't know what my problem was, I'm sure it's just being overwhelmed from being stressed. That's why I'm glad that I have my dogs to cheer me up and make me laugh. They really are the greatest. Tonight I HAVE to ride after work. My roomate is also coming up after she gets out. "G" has also offered to take me out to eat when I'm done riding and I think I might take him up on the offer. It's just hard going to a job that I know will end Oct. 10th. Just weird for me to think about. SO hope everyone is having a good day. I really need to get focused on this weekend and prepare for the big show. I think Possum and I will be ready although it's supposed to rain all day Saturday so getting ready and bathing in the rain is going to suck, especially since I left my rain coat at the fair racetrack and now I don't have one. I'll get by. I just hope to resport on Monday morning on a good show and our good placing. One step at a time Molly.

OOps, I just realized that I have a little party to go to tonight after work to a co workers house. Shit! I totally forgot that today was Wednesday. Ohwell, the barn can wait. It's not like Possum is going to forget how to jump. Oh darn, I hate when I forget about things and feel totally disorganized. I need to somehow get my brain in gear and get focused. Anyways, at;east I'll be all dressed and ready to eat after the mini-party. OK check in tomorrow gang. Have a good day.
Possum and I at the Maine Medal Finals 2 years ago. We got 11th place. Last year we got 6th in the Medal and 4th in the equitation. So hopefully this year we can end it with a bang.


Stephanie said...

I am sure you well end the year with a bang - and I hope you know its okay to feel bad every once in a while - you are not super woman, I am glad you let your roomie take care of you.

Keep us posted if you find a new prospect job. Job hunting can be fun but it also can suck. However landing that new job is always exciting so I guess it's worth the pain of resumes and interviews...

Samphony said...

Hey I remember taking that photo! Hopefully this year we'll get one of you in the blue!! Also, I'll be waiting for the blog where you announce a new job, and the excitement is back in your life. Things will look up for you, just wait and see. Catch ya at the barn sometime this week. Gotta get more practice in before Sunday. I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before someone from the barn is the ME Medal champ in their respective've got a great chance, maybe it'll be you!! :0)

Leah Fry said...

Take care of yourself so stress doesn't eat you for lunch! I'm glad G is stepping up and being supportive for you.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are the best stress relievers on the planet. And your dogs have such good hearts. I'll bet they were tickled to get to run in that tall grass.