Monday, March 30, 2009

A dreary Monday after a horse weekend

Aragon during his grooming session. His eyes are just dreamy!

Again, I've been a little lax in my posts lately. But it was a nice horsey weekend for me and I got a lot of riding in. On Friday I got out of work early due to teacher conferences at my last school, so that was a nice suprise. I picked my roomate up and the dogs and we headed to the barn. I got Possum out and it was a gorgeous day. The temps were in the 50's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I rode Possum for a little bit in the arena but it was so dusty and needing a watering really bad that my roomie and I decided to hit the trails. Possum was perfectly behaved and relaxed, while my roomate's horse was being a little bitch and getting all hyper and not listening at all. Possum and I galloped out a couple of times, the dirt road had just been grated and it was damp so it made for nice soft ground for galloping. Then we worked on collected canter with flying changes every 7 strides, that went really well. When we got back to the barn I untacked him and gave him a quick brushing and let him loose to eat scraps of hay around the farm. The snow is slowly giving way to bare ground and I can actually see muddy dirt in the outdoor. My guess is that in 3 weeks it'll be rideable, I can't wait to jump and ride in a bigger space other than the indoor.

Earlier that Friday I made plans with a guy friend of mine who is interested in me, but I'm not really into him, to go out Sunday afternoon and just hang out and get to know each other better. I told Greg about this since we tell each other everything. He was kinda short with me on the phone and I just let it go. Half an hour later I get a text from him saying, and I quote "I can't say that I'm not a little jealous." WTF!!!! He knows I'm totally into him, that he's a great and awesome guy and I could only be lucky to be with him, but he gives me the shaft all the time, saying that I'm too emotionally invested blah blah blah. And now he writes me this....this is what's confusing to me. So I try and talk to him about it later and he says that obviously he has feelings for me. Ummm, well not that obvious to me. But that he just doesn't need a relationship right now, he is still healing from his marriage. I hear that totally, but let me know how you feel. Because I basically give up the hope that someday we'll hook up. I'm trying to force myself to move on because I don't think he likes me at all and now he pulls this crap. Even when I'm mad or upset with him, it doesn't last because he is such a good guy. I am seriously messed in the head, or maybe in the heart, who knows?! So it was kind of a tense weekend for Greg and I.

But back to the horses, the things that really matter hehehe. Saturday I got up early and my roomie and I went to breakfast with Greg and then headed to the barn with all the dogs in tow. The forecast called for bright skies and temps in the 50's again. What actually happened was that it was thick with clouds all day and it was about 35 degrees. Despite the cooler temps I got Aragon out and cleaned him all up because a woman was coming to look at him to potentially breed her TB mare to him. Aragon is just such a sweetie despite his horomone levels. I spent over half an hour scrubbing him clean and show sheening his body and polishing him up. I tacked him up and since there were a bunch of other horses in the arena and I didn't want to get him too sweaty by longing so,I just got right on. He was great and away we trotted. We even did some little jumps of about 2'3" and I just love his jump. He is sooo smooth but really rounds his back and due to his uphill build he lands and is right away there to do whatever you want, unlike Possum who likes to land on his face a lot and you have to sometimes wrestle him to sit back on his haunches. After the ride in the arena and showing him to the woman, I decided to hit the trails with him. He was great. We walked and trotted and cantered really working on keeping him straight since he just loves to canter completely sideways down the trail. Something that I'm sure he picked up on at the track. He was such a gentleman and so fun to ride. He didn't jig at all on the trail ride and I was able to ride him at a walk on the way home on a long rein with my hands on the buckle. He was snorting and relaxing and just enjoying life.

Yesterday, Sunday was a horrible day weather wise. It was pouring rain and the temp was raw and cold. Despite the weather my roomie and I were dedicated to ride our ponies in the arena. We set up a course of about 2'9" and did out warm-ups and then trotted the courses first. Our focus for the way was straightness and striding. I knew as soon as I got on Possum that he was a little frisky and even did little crow hops the first few canters. We had some struggles and words, but I have to say that at the end of the ride he was doing much better. When he is strong and heavy like that it is hard to work on my equitation, therefore my back was killing me after the ride. He was sweaty and gross and I was sweaty and gross and walking like a 90 year old woman! My dogs were also absolutely disgusting soaked from head to toe with mud and manure thrown in the mix. I put a new heavy blanket on Possum with a hood to keep him warm and dry and threw him back out after giving him some new treats that I recently bought at Tractor Supply open house localy. I then gave Aragon a whole handful of treats which he gobbled up. Tonight I work till 6P so I will not be going to the barn, but tomorrow I hope to. It's still rainy and drizzly today so it kinda makes my mood the same.

The "date" last night was not fun at all. I found him annoying at times, he is not an animal person and there were awkward silences. I tried very hard to be neutral and get to know him, but all I could think about was comparing him to Greg, I swear I'm crazy as a loon. I found myself just wanting it to be over to be alone. Imagine, me, wanting to be alone, that's when you know it wasn't going well. I was just in a funky mood and not really into entertaining. I was sarcastic and short and found myself being a little bitchy. Later that night I called Greg to check in and because I usually enjoy talking to him. He was very short with me and I kept asking him what was wrong and he kept saying nothing but that me asking him was annoying him. I don;t know, I feel a divide coming between us communication wise. I also havn't heard from him yet today and I'm going to stick to my guns and not call or text him. He needs to come to me for once. Well that's about all. More stress with guys that horses try and cure haha. I think I might go home for lunch since I have leftovers from dinner last night and then go to the college for the rest of the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I 'm sure Greg is a nice guy and all but don't let him influence you too much. You deserve someone who is head-over heals for you and shows it. Seems he may be keeping his options open to me - don't become an option. He knows how you feel and if he admittedly does not feel the same well than he has no right to be jealous. Is he is still entertaining dating options?

Don't put life on hold for him unless he is willing to do the same for you.

You know the expression SH*T or get off the pot.