Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Review

Been busy lately and just having some time to think to myself. As for the weekend on a horse perspective it went great! Friday I took off early from work because my car needed work so I swapped vehicles with my dad, rounded up the dogs and hit the barn. I rode Possum first and he did pretty well. He was a little hyper so that meant he was a little speedy in the lines, but nothing terrible. We putzed around and just enjoyed the nice day. We rode for a good hour. Then I hung out for a while at the barn, watching lessons and just chillin. I let Possum out loose to gorge himself on a round bale and bask in the sun. He is always thankful for his free time out and about at the farm. and he would never think of running away or not being caught because then he knows his free time wouldn't happen again.

Later that afternoon I rode one of the paint ponies to get ready for a show the barn was going to on Sunday. Her rider isn't very strong or assertive and this pony can be a hot ticket so it was time to play good cop and bad cop. We worked a lot on the flat with bending and listening to inside leg outside rein. She woould much rather go around turns like a dirt bike then a normal balanced pony. She was actually getting quite pissy at me, but was starting to improve. Then we worked on some jumping concentrating mostly on being straight through the lines and after, again not cutting those corners. This pony also loves to take BIG spot to jumps. Basically launching herself, she is not afraid of anything, but we worked on getting to the base of the jumps and having nice and relaxed strides. She actually did quite well, but by the end of the ride I was exhausted. This pony is the like the energizer bunny and it takes a lot to not only correct her but to keep her there. I hoped that when the girl had her lesson the next day before the show the pony would be so glad that it wouldn't be me riding her that she would be a little more attentive to the other riders aids and use some of the things we had worked on.

Saturday the barn was a zoo. The day before a show is always crazy. The indoor was packed tighter than a can of sardines. All of the crossties were full with people pulling manes, cleaning socks, shaving bodies and braiding manes and tails. Possum and I were barely able to even get around the ring, nevermind really having the chance to work on a lot. I decided to stick to cantering 20m circles and work on our canter-walks. Our downward transitions can always use some work. Then after riding I stuck him in a stall to munch some hay because we couldn't even make it out of the indoor because it was so full of horses. I love the hustle and bustle of a barn though. Everyone's excited and nervous and we chat and talk about what we all need to work on and just to ride our best courses and not worry about the placings. My roomie and I ended up staying there till after 6P and then went home and had dinner while the dogs passed out at our feet.

Sunday I actually got up early, took a quick shower and let the dogs out and gave them all kisses and headed to the show to watch and help out. It was a little depressing at first to not have Possum there, but the good shows are to come and we'll be at those ones. This is basically a fairly small schooling show but has the classes to qualify for the Medals at the end of the year. On my way to the show I was jamming out to Metallica and eating my breakfast sandwich and apparently had a heavy foot. I got pulled over by a sheriff going 66 in a 45. OOOps! He immediately wrote me a ticket for $215. I was so bummed and disappointed in myself. That was like a whole horse show and then some. I called my roomate and she said she would see if there was anything that she could do for me. I love having a police woman for a roomate heheh. I got to the show and took over duties of doing the girls hair and holding horses and adjusting saddles that had slipped back due to too much show sheen. I went over courses with the kids and watched their rides. For once it was actually relaxing to not have to worry about memorizing my courses, cleaning my boots constantly and waiting for my turn in the ring. It was nice to watch everyone do their best in the ring and I must say that no one disappointed. Everyone rode their best and had their game faces on, and the horses for the most part were on their game as well. The show ended early since we didn't have anyone in the upper divisions. Usually I am the last one showing and everyone has to wait around for me haha. I went home and cleaned my room and washed my bed and folded and put away all of my laundry. I then vacuumed my room and tidied up. I then took a 2 hr nap with the dogs while watching Star Wars.

As for the guy situation, or should I say lask of situation. I just don't know what to do, and I think that's my problem, there is nothing that I can do. I did talk to "G" on Sat night and I guess his great relationship with the other woman isn't panning out to be what he thought, hmmmm canI say "Told ya so!" Anyways, Greg has also been a little distant. He bought a girl flowers last week and I found out about it from someone else and asked him about it. It just made me feel basically like shit even though he got all mad at me ad said that their just friends and that she is going through a divorce too and her birthday was the next day. Whatever, I need to somehow reel my feelings in because they are obviously not being reciprocated. I swear I wish I could just get men out of my head, they seem to be the stem of all my stress. I just really miss having someone. I love being in a relationship and doing thing for someone and knowing that I always have someone to talk to and be close to physically, it really kinds sucks. Greg was also all pissy yesterday because girls were fighting over him. I told him they would be knocking down his door. He's a very good looking guy who is well established and funny as hell. For many girls, that's their ticket out of their own life and into his. Greg is very much attracted to the prissy girls with immaculate finger nails and gorgeous hair. Perfectly done make-up and clothes that always flatter and ones you find in Cosmo magazine. I'm just not that girl. I wear jeans for the most part. I like big comfy sweatshirts. I usually have dirt under my nails from the barn, I'm not afraid to get dirty. I wear minimal make-up and always leave my hair down and untamed. And I'm a little chunky now. I can't get down on myself though. I just have to believe that somewhere out there is a guy who will love me for who I am andwhat I love to do in my life. I;m just looking for some normalcy in my life. All I want is steady eddie and normal, is that so much to ask? So ofcourse it's 10:20am and Greg still hasn't texted or called me. I need to stop taking it so personal. I need to stop caring so much about people, especially ones who do not even appreciate it. Again, I have my dogs and horse and cat and love each and everyone individually. They are my life and I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China. Well I guess I better get back to work, I'm working at the college till 6P tonight so it's gonne be a long day at the office and sitting around. I think I might go to Walmart later and buy a $5 dvd and watch it on my lap top at the college since it's always dead there. Have a great day everyone, and tomorrow I have plans on riding my boy!


Mickey said...

sounds like a GREAT horsey weekend. I love reading all about it! Thanks so much for sharing the details. I'm without a horse for now, so I live vicariously thru other people's horse's. :o) LOL!
Hang in there. The RIGHT guy is out there, and eventually you WILL cross paths with him. I will tell you right now (as a happily married woman!) that Greg giving the divorcing gal flowers is waaay beyond what a guy does for a "friend". He is obviously interested in her, so I'm wondering why he denies it??
I think you are correct in saying that the feelings you have for him aren't being reciprocated in the same way. If he just wants friendship, that is nothing negative about you. Everyone has their preferences. You are a great catch, are so cute, and have a good head on your shoulders. You have hobbies and interests and are funny, I can tell. Someone is going to appreciate those qualities. Save yourself for a guy who is going to fall over himself in delight when he meets you and gets to know you. Seriously, he is out there! You deserve to have someone who has a great life, but feels even better with you IN his life! Hang in there. Don't force what isn't right for both of you. Truly, you will be so happy when you meet the right match. And summer is coming. Lots of outdoor activities, and opportunities to meet that special someone.
Until then, keep enjoying your horses, dogs, and your fun horsey roomie. You've got a ton going for you. Really, you're awesome. Some guy is going to "get" that, and when he does, you'll feel like the treasure that you are!! Wait for it. Don't settle for less!! :o)

Serena said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel. My boyfriend is way way into pin-up girls. Which would be fine with me if it was the cool old-style girls they painted on airplanes in WWII, but he likes the trashy, tattooed, slutty, punk-rock Dita Von Teese-type pin-up girls. That's what his ex-wife looks like, too.
And i look like a barn rat. :(
But i would rather be able to get drty and ride horses and work on my car, then be "pretty." And if he didn't like that about me, he wouldn't be with me.

Leah Fry said...

After all my hard work this weekend, I was grimy from head to foot, but I knew Heather and my horses wouldn't care a bit. Only your barn buddies love you for who you really are.

Stephanie said...

Hmmm Metallica and Star Wars - sometimes I think perhaps we were separated at birth ya know?

I know all about being a "down to earth" girl instead of a "prissy" girl. And YOU ARE RIGHT that is not to much to ask. You will find that guy out there I know you will. Don't change anything about yourself for Greg. Don't be that girl who is one person with a guy and another person by herself. That never works out well.

Glad you had a horsey weekend too!