Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Truckin...

Just wanted to post a little update. Been keeping really busy lately with work and riding horses after work. Each day this week I've been able to get out to the barn. I rode Aragon yesterday and we did some ring work. We had to go through another reminder of leads and moving off the leg. He was resistant at first and then really started to come around. He just has so much talent. He really reaches and is soft to the bit. He's just wormy with his body and it takes a lot from a rider using all the aids to have him balanced and straight, but it's worth it. After a grueling session in the outdoor we went for a walk down the road. It was like he let out a big sigh and relaxed as we walked down the dirt road. He isn't really fond of working in the ring and I'm trying to convince him that's it's good for his health hahaha.

Rode Possum yesterday and today. I had about zero energy so we just coasted around the outdoor working on flying changes and then today we did some jumping. He did really well and his energy level was about the same as mine. He is really getting into great shape and our first show is not this weekend, but next so we better be ready. This is the year that we're only doing 2'9"-3', not even warming up in the 2'6" classes. We're growing up and need to be on the ball.

Now onto the guy stuff. I've really taken everyone's comments to heart and am trying to follow it to the best of my ability. Greg and I are still not talking. After I received the coments from Oregonsunshine I texted him that night apologizing for jumping the gun and that after talking to a friend I can realize where he is in his life a little better. I told him that if he wants to talk I'm always here and to take care. I have not heard from him. I have a feeling he's upset with me, but I'm human and just need to keep plugging away with my life. Yea it hurts and sucks that I don't have than friend to call and talk to about things about, but such is life. Because of the nice weather lately my roomie and I have been out on her motorcycle and that's really fun. It clears the mind and tonight we went cruising and sang at the top of our lungs. Who cares what people think, we were having a good time.

I just have to hold out hope that someone out there is for me and it's not up to me of when we meet. I'm working on healing from my past relationship and that's a challenge in itself, but until I do so I will never be able to have a functional relationship.

Hanging out the barn a lot has been good for me. I'm with my friends and the weather has been nice so I'm not in a hurry to run to my car for warmth. The dogs are also happy to be outside a lot. I've been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier so I'm not so much of a bear in the morning and feel rested and ready for the day.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend. For those of you outside of New England it's Patriots Day and that means a day off from work, yippee. So I came home tonight and my roomie was getting ready for a date and I was vacuuming the house. I started thinking as I was cleaning away that this is how Cinderella started and look how good it turned out for her. A girl can dream can't she?!

Well that's about it. Everytime I want to text or call Greg I go back and read that comment and it helps to keep me grounded and focused. Have a great rest of the week everyone and keep the positive thoughts coming.


Anonymous said...

Good Girl!

After years of poor relationship choices, I made a wish a couple years ago to find that person that was meant for me. I didn't put any more specifics into it than that and I just wished with all my heart. I met my husband just a few short weeks later. We've been married for 2 years now.

The right person will come along when you least expect it. I promise.

Stephanie said...

So what are the divisions in jumping? What makes you go from one division to another? It is just age or is there some kind of point system? Just curious.

sidetracked said...

The kind of divisons can depend on how longt he horse has been showing under USEF rules and how far advanced the horse is in the jumping.

The shows that we usually attend are just divided by equitation, hunter and jump heights. When Possum and I first started we were in the 2ft and 2'3 division, usuallyu called Schooling Hunter. Then we were at 2'6" for a couple of years perfecting on that. And now we have progressed to the Low Working Hunter division, around 3ft.

It isn't necessarily how igh your horse can jump, but it's like figure skating, makine it look effortless, perfect striding and flying changes if needed. How straight the horse is through the lines etc... I know my horse could probably jump a curse of up to 4ft, but it's not always pretty with perfect spots etc...

Mickey said...

So glad to hear you sounding healthy and strong. Good for you! I am honestly proud of you. You are doing great. Just work on yourself, being the best you can be, and the rest of life, including guy stuff, will fall into place! People that have their lives together, are attracted to other people that have their lives together. So just be happy with who you are, and your life. And your postive vibes will catch you a winner... probably someone who will be a much better match than Greg could ever be. And I say that in kindness. :o)
Glad to hear you're having such fun horsey times. Can't wait to hear about your show next weekend!!