Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

Sorry it's been so long posting, been really really busy lately with the show and riding and work. Last weekend was really good, very hot up here with highs in the 80's on Saturday, but it's still better then below zero temps. Had a good ride on Possum, only rode for about 30 minutes and we ended on a good note. Then the work of ge\tting ready for the show began. Bathing, clipping, trimming, cleaning, oiling, braiding etc... With help from the barn owner we were able to get creative with yarn and braid Possum's pathetic mane and forelock. It actually looked really decent and he looked like a big boy. Didn't get home until after 9P and took a shower and packed show clothes and finally was in bed around 11 and had to get up the next morning at 4:30a. I actually sprang out of bed and got ready and let the dogs out since they would be cooped up in the house all day.

My roomie and I flew over to the barn and got the horses loaded and they away we went for the nearly 2 hr drive. The show grounds were really nice. All of the people there were also nice and not stuck up like some barns we go to. Possum and I had to wait until 2p until it was our turn to ride. Because we are only doing the 2'9"-3ft this year we are not doing any lower divisions. This is our training division for the year and I am not expecting to be walking away with any championships. We did OK. We had some good moments and some OMG moments. It was good to see where we needed to work out the kinks and gave me some insight on what we need to work on. We placed usually middle of the pack, and there weren't many riders in our division. Possum was a little speedy through some of it and had a near refusal on one jump that totally suprised me. He just didn't like this one jump I guess. The courses were tricky and techincal, even the hunter ones. I was proud of the fact that I didn't forget any of my courses since I had to memorize 4 of them plus a medal test. We did end up winning our adult medal class which I'm happy with and as always did well in the flat classes. The ride home from the show was a hoot. My roomie and me and another girl went with the barn owner and we chatted and laughed so hard that my stomach muscles were hurting.

Yesterday I rode Possum on the trail. I wasn't going to ride him at all, but since he was so speedy on Sunday I decided I would take a little spring out of his step. We went about 10 miles and the trails weren't that bad through the woods. It was so beautiful and peaceful just Possum and I.

The guy side of things. Oh boy. There is this guy who is friends with my roomie's friend and he has been calling me and talking a lot lately. Haven't met him yet, we're all supposed to go and hang out and eat tomorrow night as a foursome. I have been straight with him about not wanting anything serious and letting him know all of the recent events with the "G's" and how I'm pretty bitter right now and just looking for friends. He seems OK with that. He is extremely nice and thoughtful so I'm anxious to meet him in person without the pressure of it just being the 2 of us. I am definately keeping him at ars length right now while I heal and take time for myself.

I did hear from Greg last night through text. I had called and left him a message on Saturday night because I have been hearing from several people that he has been telling others about our physical relationship. This kinda pissed me off so I wanted to call him out on it. He finally texted me last night and said that he hadn't told anyone anything. He also said why would he do that since we are friends. I laughed and asked if that's what he called it and he definately treats his friends differently then I do. I told him before he could respond that I was busy and to have a good night. I didn't want to be a total bitch. He is just so frustrating and confusing that it pisses me off. I just hope he finds what he is looking for..... And yes ladies I did erase his number from my phone but unfortunately my brain is too smart and ofcourse has the number memorized. Atleast I've been strong and not showing him any emotion and how hurt I am through all of this.

Well that's about all. Just hanging in there. Working now at schools for drop-in, kinda boring. Need to clean the apartment tonight since that definately got neglected this weekend. PLus we have a bunch of funerals and visiting hrs this week so that makes things tough. Have a great day everyone


CaitStClair | A Peachy Bride said...

Congratulations! Both on the show and dealing with Greg! It sounds like you handled both situations perfectly. Well done. :-)

P.S. That wasn't bitchy at all but even if it was, you're allowed to be just a little bit.

Stephanie said...

Yes GOOD JOB!! I knew you could erase his number! And its not that you'll forget - of course you won't, but you'll have more "think" time while you have to punch in the numbers. Maybe enough to say - "screw it I don't need to talk to him anyway"...someday.

But today - great job at the show! I wish I could be there, your shows sound so fun and a tad more laid back than mine. I think it's so irritating and stressful when they try to cram all the english and western classes in one day.

I'm glad you have good buddies to go to the shows with! That always make it more fun.

Laura said...

Great job at the show - glad to hear you guys did well - imagine how good you will be by the end of the summer!

Oh - question for you - we are still working out the details of our trip in May - do you know of any cool B&Bs on the ocean to stay at in either Maine (not too far north) or NH? We aren't quite sure where we are going to go after leaving NYC, but wanted to check out some options!

Anonymous said...

Good job! It will get easier. I promise. It just takes time and work. And some day in the future, Mr. Right will come along. And he won't care if you're a bit jaded and bitter about men because he'll love you just exactly the way you are. Just like we all do here.

Leah Fry said...

Good, good, good! You sound so much better today.

Any pix from the show?