Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back in the Saddle again

Well for Starters I have wireless inernet know at my house whooppee!!!! and second I rode Possum today for a good hour. My back was really sore at first but I just rode through it making sure to take lots of breaks and I'm doing OK now. Possum was really good although his bad habits like leaning in in the turns and charging towards the jumps have resurfaced. But that is fixable when I get some more strength back. It felt good to ride and I know you all are going to yell at me, but I even jumped some. It felt great and freeing and wonderful to be one with my horse again. I went with my roomie, and even though the weather was less than ideal it didn't dampen my mood. I gave him a nice long grooming and put his mid weight blanket back on since it's getting colder here again.

So I came home and gave all th everyone joins in and has no idea what they are evenb ree dogs a bath since they had decided to roll in the newly fertilized fields and throughly smelled like chicken shit! Thinga at the barn are also straightening themselves out although I am curious as to who left the nasty comments previous because really they had nothing to do with anything that has happened and I think just wanted to get a piece of the action. It's kinda like a dog fight, two dogs get into an argument and then all of a sudden they all join in and don't even know what their fighting about but like to get into it for the sake of the fight. The fact that they also posted as anonomous tells me something about their character. K, nough said.

As for the things with "G" I have decided that we need a break and I am doing my own thing. I have met a very very very nice guy and I love talking to him. Nothing else going on right now as he is at the tail end of a divorce oh and did I also tell you that he has a kid??? But there is something about this guy, he's been able to show me how I should be treated and how I really don't need to put up with the crap that I have been going through. His heart was smashed into a milion pieces when his wife cheated on him and he caught them and now she asked for the divorce. I guess lonely and broken hearts flocketogether. I am keeping all options for myself open and am focusing on have fun and enjoying life. I have a new job, a great place to live and some great friends. I need to focus on that and that only. I actually am very happy with my decision.

Week after next I am flying to Virginia to attend my cousins wedding where all of my family will also be. I am really looking forward to going even though it's only for 3 days it will be good to get away and reconnect with family. I'm still catching up with everyone's blogs and have enjoyed reading everyone's riding and horse adventures. Have a great Sunday and will catch up again tomorrow.


Laura said...

Well, it is tempting to "yell" at you a bit ;-p - but I'm more glad to hear that you are able to ride without a ton of pain. Take care of yourself though! It must feel good to get back on and just move forward.

I'm happy to hear about the new guy - maybe something good will come out of that. He sounds like a decent person. Being with someone with a child can be challenging - not bad - but challenging. I have been through it, so I'm familiar with that scene.

It made me happy to read these lines you wrote:

"I am keeping all options for myself open and am focusing on have fun and enjoying life. I have a new job, a great place to live and some great friends. I need to focus on that and that only"

That is a great attitude, considering you have had a rough past few months! Here's to things getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hon, let me give you some advice since I had to learn the hard way. When a guy is recently separated or divorced, it takes at least a year for them to really be ready for a relationship. There are all these stages you have to go through after ending a marriage. It's hard and it takes time and usually the person coming out of the marriage doesn't realize they really aren't ready for another relationship. Just because a marriage is dissolving doesn't mean there isn't unfinished business. It's a long process and I really don't want to see you get hurt.

Focus on making life good and happy. Relationships and everything else will fall into place later. I'm glad you're doing well!

Leah Fry said...

Oh, how could anyone be mad at you for getting back on? We'd all do the same thing!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad that things at your barn are sorting themselves out. No matter how much you love your horse, the community at a stable is one of the best reasons to board. Sometimes I wish I had Jack at my house, but then I hang out at the barn for a few hours and remember why I don't!

Good for you for putting yourself first! I hope things work out with this guy, or another guy that you might not have met yet ;-) Good guys are worth the wait!