Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold Everywhere

Well I'm back from my trip to Virginia. I had a lot of fun and was able to visit a lot with family that I don't get to see often, and also see me 23yo cousin married off. Just the thought of even getting married right now at 27 scares the shit out of me. But if she's happy and ready to settle down, more power to her.

So it was a lot of late nights in the lounge and bar area and lots of yelling to hear over one another. I also got to chill in the pool and hot tub a few times which was nice. The wedding was short and sweet; just the way I like it and the reception had to end at around 9P due to the fact that another wedding reception was scheduled. Now to the weather. I was hoping, praying and expecting temps to be atleast a little higher than home in Maine. Well it was literally freezing. There was frost on the cars in the morning and it even spit snow which is crazy, this is the south and not even in the moutains, it's on the coast. So needless to say my skimpy strapless dress was not quite warm enough in the weather and wind. Ohwell. I was happy to come home and see my dogs and my roomate.

I basically picked up my dogs last night ran home, dropped my things, took a quick shower and scratched each of the kids and then drove to Greg's to hang out for a while before I passed out from exhaustion. I was so tired because the night before I stayed up until 4am hangin with family and others at the hotel and watching everyone get drunk and being silly. I had a lot of fun, but only managed to get about 3hrs of sleep, so I was basically running on fumes last night. It was good to see Greg and I realized how much I missed talking to and seeing him on a regular basis. He said that he also missed me and it was his idea that I come over. That made me happy.

Got up early this morning and got gas and went home to let the dogs out and hang with them for a bit. Then took a quick shower, threw laundry in the washer, let the dogs out again and jetted out the door to work. I admit that I'm wicked tired today and can only think about taking a good long sleep in my comfy bed with my animals, but unfortunately the funeral home has visiting hrs tonight so the dogs need to vacate the premisis for a bit, not sure where we're going to go, but somewhere for a few hrs.

I'm glad that this is a short work week. I just found out that I also have Friday off so I'm psyched! I also have a relatively light week in terms of work due to school winding down and getting ready for the holiday. Next week is a different story alltogether, so I'll take advanatage of the slow time now. I'll be going to Boston for Thanksgiving to visit with more family and then driving back the same day which will suck, but atleast it's only one day and I'll get to spend more time with my cousins.

As for news on the horse front, there have been zero. Possum has been trace clipped and before I left last week I dropped off his stable blanket to go under his mid weight turnout. I forgot his hood at my parents house, but maybe that will give me something to do tonight since the weather the next few days is calling for wet and cold rain and I'd like to have him all bundled up since he lives outside with a shelter. I miss my Possum and he deserves a good grooming tonight from his mother. OK, so that's it, I made up my mind. The dogs and I are going to drive to my parents and get Possum's hood and then go to the barn where I'll give him a good grooming and make sure he is dressed right. Well I better get back to work. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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Mickey said...

glad you had a fun (and safe) trip. Sounds like a good time.

Yeah for Possum. I bet he will appreciate the extra layer of warmth. And the love. Have a fun evening with him. :o)