Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to Maine!

Got up bright and eary this morning from a really good nights sleep and look outside and it is a slushy, snowy, rainy and most of all icy mess! "shit" I say outloud to no one in particular except my black cat Shadow who is resting comfortably on the bed looking at me in a mocking tone for the fact that he can stay all snuggled up in bed and I need to go to work. I slowly ambled to the shower with towel in hand. To make matters worse I have a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. I'd be lying if I said the thought of staying home didn't cross my mind. I stayed extra long in the shower soaking up all the hot water that I could. Due to the conditions of the road I knew I had to give myself some extra time so hurried through my morning routine. The dogs were with "G" due to a funeral today so I was able to save time on not letting them out. I went out to start my car in my robe and quickly dressed and drove the 20 min to my first school by 7:30am.

Last night I stopped home and let all the dogs out to go to the bathroom and then packed all 4 of them up in my car and I headed to my parents to pick up Possum's hood to attach to his blankiet since the barn owner called yesterday to let me know she had just trace clipped him. I went and had a little dinner at my parents, picked up the hood and drove to the barn. I got Possum out and gave him a good grooming. His trace clip looked really good. There's nothing like the attractiveness of a half clipped appy, but what can you do. I could tell he was hyper as he was daqncing in the cross ties and snaking his head around. I out the chain on him and led him to the indoor. I hopped on bareback and couls immediately feel the electricity coursing through his body. His back was tight as a drum and wouls hunch up at tje slightest moment. He was doing all he could do to behave. I walkewd hin for about 10 minutes and tried a little trot. he pranced sideways and shook his head and arched it to almost touching his neck. I made the decision to get off and let him play a little on the lunge since there was a olesson going on and I couldn't just turn him loose. He took off after I clipped the line and moved him into the circle. I had to smile and chuckle as he squealed and farted. He wasn't being bad and I knew he just couldn't hold onto all that energy any longer. I softly thanked him for not exploding when I was on him. He quicly settled down and I put him through his paces in both directions.

I then walked him back to the barn and gave him another good brushing and put both of his new boankets on plus his hood. The weather I knwe was supposed to be nasty for the next few days so I wanted to make sure he was plenty warm enough especially after being clipped now. I gave him a quik treat and a kiss on the forehead and turned him out. I then brought the dogs to "G's" for the night and went home and chatted with my roomie and one of her friends. I talked to Greg before literally passing out at 11pm.

Have actually been busy todday at work despite the miserable weather which is good. I even got to have a Thanksgiving feast at the last school I went to which was awesome and I was able to really connect with a lot of students. Anyways, that's about all for today. Don't think I'll go see Possum tonight since I feel kinda crappy and the weather is the same. Have a good day everyone. The ski areas are alreqady open around here too which means that winter is just about here! Stay warm and stay safe and make sure your horsies are comfortable.


Stephanie said...

You guys are going to have alot more winter than us it sounds like.

I am not complaining though - not even a tiny little bit. I would not be sad if we didn't get even a flake of snow all winter long, although I know that won't happen.

Hoping maybe this weekend I can sit on my ponies for just a little bit, maybe while watching the show...

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had a great time last weekend...lol!!! Recooperating from long nights out only gets worse the older you get, so enjoy it now!

I swear that I can have two drinks, be up past my bedtime, and the next day, I have a headache and feel nauseated!! What is up with that???!!!

Snow??? We have no snow around here yet...not even really up in the mountains (just a smidgen!) Sometimes the ski resorts are open by Thanksgiving, but not this year...lol!!!

Train Wreck said...

I thought so... See you just gotta get to know him. Sounds promising! Good luck! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.