Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

It's a holiday and that means no work! But it is also a time to remember our military men and women and all of the sacrifices that they have made. Without them we might not even be able to blog and write all that we feel and think.

So had a good day. Last night was a blast. I took the dogs to the barn to run around and play with the other dogs. I also lunged Possum for about half an hour and he did really well. So after he worked I let him walk around and eat some hay. It was nice to hang with him. My roomie and I went to little local quaint bar after and met with Greg and his friend. He was having a few beers since his recent finalized divorce. He later came home with us to hang out. My roomie had some friends over so Greg and I hung out for a while down in the funeral part of the home. We talked about everything and anything. He ended up staying over and then went home in the morning with my roomie on her way to work. I went back to sleep until he called and asked if I wanted breakfast and to say that he was coming over to hang out. We talked some more about life and shit. All I have to say is that it's good just to talk to someone who has been through similiar things and share stories. We went for a drive to the barn where he checked out the literally hundreds of turkeys and I showed him Possum. It was good to share mu love of horses with someone else who really doesn't have a clue about them. he then had to go back home and do stuff so I went and got lunch with the dogs and then I went for a ride along with my roomie. For those of you who don't know she is a police officer in the next town. We had fun and even had some good calls. So I'm sitting in the PD writing this blog entry while listening to You Tube. Thinkin about going home soon to let the dogs out. Might go to Gregs house to chill out and watch some TV since he has his son tonight who might I add the cutest kid ever!

That's about all I have to share today. Can't ride tomorrow since after work all of the employees are going out to dinner with the board members which will take a while. Plus the weather has just not been great lately. it was only 40 degrees today and spitting snow. I am so not ready for winter!!!! Check in tomorrow with any more news.


Stephanie said...

Hey things are sounding pretty good with the new "G"! I am happy for you of course.

And it may be a day of no work some - but it was a normal day of work for me. No government holidays for us (but we do always get 2 days off for Thanksgiving and 2 off Christmas and a half a day off for New Year's eve so I don't complain too much)! When I worked for the Credit Union we were required by law never to be closed for 4 days or more - which literally meant NO 4 Day weekends ever! So I enjoy every minute of them now.

Melanie said...

I am also glad that things appear to be working out with the new "G," as well as with the people at your barn.

It is nice to not be involved in drama all of the time, isn't it?

It sounds like you are really liking your new job too!:)