Sunday, December 21, 2008

bad horsey mom

Let me just say that Maine is such a weird state to live in weather wise. We had another biggish storm Friday night. And now as I type this on a Sunday evening we are predicted to get between 10-18 inches. We have already gotten nearly a foot so far. The snow is coming down so fast that the plows can't even keep up with it. The barn owner called this morning and said that they were postponing the barn party until after Christmas because of the weather and the fact that it would be unsafe for people to drive in it, I totally agree with her decision. But that means one more day of not seeing my pony. I can just imagine him now all bundled in his blankets in the shelter with his buddies snoozing while the storm rages.

My roomate and I went over to Gregs house since he did not have his son today and while he watched football we played upstairs on the big screen with video games. It was actually really fun. We also brought all the dogs along for a little added excitement. We then watched a movie and braved the drive home which is usually 20 minutes but it took us about an hour!!! We drove slow and carefully and made it home safe and sound.

SO now we're getting ready to watch Home Alone and get in to the Christmas spirit. I did not go shopping yesterday so now I have to go after work sometime this week which is fine because I know what I need to get but it's just a matter of driving down there and getting it. Jusr wanted to check in tonight and let you all know that if you saw the weather report that I'm fine and so are the horses. I do plan to get to the barn before Christmas and bring Possum his treats as well. SO have a good nighe everyone and I'll check in later.


cdncowgirl said...

I hate having to shop in these last few days before Christmas... ick... crowds, trying to park.
And lucky me, I have a dentist appointment Tuesday afternoon.
Oh, better still - his office is in our city's most popular mall. :(

Laura said...

Ugh - winter storms are hitting most of eastern Canada and the US. I like a good storm, but not when everyone is trying to travel and make it home - it always makes me sad when I hear that people are stranded in airports at Xmas.

Hang in there and drive safely!

I haven't seen Rusty much either, I'm hoping in the new year to get back out there regularly!

Merry Christmas!!

Stephanie said...

Stay safe with your rotten weather! It's been a challenge over here with storm after storm coming in.

And have a Great Christmas if I don't get online again until then.