Friday, December 19, 2008


I am so excited that it's Friday. That means the work week is ending and school vacation is starting. I have a very slow week next week due to school not being in session so I have some time to catch up and go through more curriculum. I'm trying to get myself motivated to ride this afternoon after work. I really should put in atleast a little ride before the big party Sunday. Oh and Sunday we're supposed to get more snow, just under a foot, oh joy! (Not).

I'm pissed because Possum has ripped his hood off his blanket and taken the rings with it and I have not yet fixed it. I feel like a bad horse mom since he has a strip of clipped hair under his neck. Granted it is growing in quickly and he is not shivering or anything, but still I bought the damn hood for a reason!!! I need to try and fix that tonight so he can have it on before we get any more snow.

My dogs are doing great and they are my best friends. They hang out on the couch with me in the afternoons and sleep with me at night. I even brought Jetta and Abby over to Greg's house the other night so that his son could visit with them. He fell in love and cried the night after because I couldn't come over with the dogs again. He's such a sweet kid. Speaking of Greg, things are still going strong. I find that the more time I spend with him the more and more I like him. I was talking to him the other day about my dream of going to a real cattle ranch out west and he said that he would love to do that as well. I almost fell out of my chair. "G" would have rather have had his right arm cut off then go to a ranch with me. SO I took it seriously and started to do some research. I am totally serious about this and am hoping to save some money so that I can go in the fall. Greg is all on board, imagine how fun that would be!!! He just keeps amazing me with he generosity and kindness. He may even come to the barn party on Sunday which would be totally cool that he would be taking an interest in what I love doing. But as I am always reminding mydrlf, take it slow girl, there's no rush.

Well that's about it on the horse and guy news. I will definately have more to write after Sunday. Saturday I have designated as Christmas shopping day since I have not even started. Money is just so tight and I am one of those girls that just hates shopping, unless it has anything to do with horses hehehe. So stay tuned I may have a new jumping record to share or maybe a good spill to admit, we'll see.


Leah Fry said...

My husband, son and niece's boyfriend all worked at a place that went under, so we are having a giftless Christmas. Instead, everyone is coming here for a Mexican fiesta, including copious amounts of margaritas. Everyone is bringing a recent DVD and we're going to eat, drink and watch movies, maybe play some Uno. I'm excited!

Jaz has his blanket all torn up. He looks like such a ragamuffin with patches and seams hanging. Kidz, what are ya gonna do.

Glad things are good for you and Greg. The ranch sounds like fun!

Melanie said...

Hey you!!! It's good to see that all is well with you, Possum, and the "G's" in your life!!!
I love your nose piercing too!! I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced, but that is probably never going to happen! :)

Laura said...

Hurray to light weeks at work!! It's nice to have a couple of days to wind down before a couple of days off.

Glad to hear things are going well with Greg - sounds to me like he is a great guy - the way it is supposed to be! :-)

Let us know if you find any good ranches out west - I've been dreaming about doing a trip like that for years!

Have fun at the barn party. I think we are getting the same weather system as you guys today (Sunday) we have a few inches down and are expecting more snow all day.

Heidi said...

I would love to go to a ranch, too. You should definitely do it- I've only heard good things from people who have gone to one before! That is so cool that Greg is supporting your interests :-)