Friday, December 26, 2008

Greetings on a Friday day off

Merry Christmas everyone. I had a good time at my parents the other day and got some awesome gifts. It was good to visit with family and totally stuff myself with yummy food. I got n awesome rain coat made of Gore Tex that my mom got on sale. I left my last raincoat at the horse track this fall when I was marshaling the races so I've been without one for a while. My mom actually even got me some riding gloves and some winter gloves for the barn which was cool. I got a Sweatshirt with a cool shadow of a horse on it that says Fryeburg Fair, and of course the most useful gift of all, MONEY!!! I'm going to pay off some bills and then start saving for my trip out west.

The ranch that I'm hoping to go to with Greg an possibly my roomate is the 71 Ranch in Nevada. I keep looking at the website and drooling over the slide show and reading every page detail through detail.

I'm looking forward to the barn party tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be warm in the 30's with no snow predicted. I have a funny story to shre. The other night before Christmas my roomate and I went to the barn to check on our horses and put on extra blankets. We decided to just ride bareback with bridles in the arena to stretch their legs a little. Possum is always a little jumpy with his bareback and you have to be careful. Well I just got done telling my friend that watch he'll try and buck or something when I tried to get on, and no sooner did I try and lay a leg across and was competely sideways on his back due to the many layers that I was wearing when he let out this huge buck. He didn't move other than his hind legs. I was very proud of myself I didn't even lose a little balance. I quickly swung my leg over and he curled his neck up and arched his back and pranced off. I could feel the energy coursing through body. Needless to say we only did some walking and trotting and then I got off and lunged him at liberty to let him blow off some steam. He is just so funny that he makes me laugh all the time. I was also pleased to see that even flying changes on his own are getting much better when he turns and spins or cuts across the arena. It was good to see him and feed him treats and his dinner. I rearranged his blankets so that he was all comfy and toasty.

Today is pretty much a lazy day. Last night I went to the movied with Greg, his brother and my roomate. We went back to his place and had a good time and I ended up crashing there. "G" has just been giving me grief lately and it's kinda stressing me out. So I havn't even taken a shower yet and am just playing on the computer and watchin TV. Somestimes it's good just to be lazy and chill. Well have a great day everyone. Hopefully will have a lot of funstories to share tomorrow after the barn party. I can't wait!

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