Monday, December 1, 2008

Nice Long Weekend

Had a pretty good long weekend with spending Thanksgiving in Boston with the family. It all went OK but I was glad to get out of the car with driving 6 hours with my parents and it just killed me, with them setting the speed control at exactly the speed limit of the highway. The drama continues with "G". He keeps professing his love to me, but really and I told him this I just have nothing else to give to him, the tank is empty. The other Greg and I are having fun hanging out. His ex wife now knows that we are hanging out as she went through his phone this morning while he was bringing their son to day care. His ex wife works out of their home and is waiting for her transfer to have another base to work out of. Greg was cool about it and told her that he liked me and we talk and have a good time but that neither one of us are in need of a relationship and just need to be friends right now. From what he tod me she took it well, but them proceded to blame Greg for why her new boyfriend won't talk to her now. Some people are so messed up.

I got out and rode Possum Saturday and it was fun. My back held up well and I worked on building up my endurance which has really been lacking since the broken back incident. It was good to see him and also extra good to have him trace clipped so I didn't have to stay for hours afterwards cooling him out. He really is such a good horse, I can go from riding him every day to once every week and he is still great for the most part. He doesn't offer to rear or buck.l He lets me know when he has extra energy and we work accordingly. I didn'[t really do much jumping since my body was in agony after not riding consistently.

Tonight I'm going back to the barn and gonna ride with my roomate under the lights in the indoor. Work has been really busy which is a good thing. I'm still really liking this job and so excited it's still working out.

Well don't really have much time to chat heing busy and all. I'll check in again tomorrow afternoon. I have a healthy relationships presentation tomorrow AM at a middle school so that should be interesting. You never know what kids that age are going to do.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you are so very nice and balanced right now - I can't tell you how happy that make me and how much less I worry about you now that "G" has very little to no pull on you.

Greg sounds great and from what you say doesn't show any of the signs of being like "G" was at times. I am very happy for you!

You are so lucky that you are doing good enough to ride - I can't say the same, I had a bummer of a doctor's appointment this morning, they basically told me there was nothing more they could do and that I was just going to have to be in pain for while. I think 8 weeks is long enough personally - I think I need to see a specialist - now I just gotta get them to refer me to one. Last time they said no.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're healing up!

Melanie said...

Glad to hear that you are doing so well right now, both physically and mentally!!

Stick to your guns with the whole "G" thing. I am sure that your couselor would be proud of you!!! :)

Mickey said...

yay, time with Possum. I bet he has missed you and is happy you are well enough to ride some again.

And I'm glad things are going well with your new guy friend. Just remember to take things slow and easy. If things are meant to be, things will still go well going slow. You can really get to know a person so much better and decide if they are a good match for you when you take it slow. I'm so happy for you. Life is sounding good. Keep it up. ;o)