Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hey All

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, I've just been lazy about typing lately. I went to the barn Monday night with my roomie. The temps were in the 50's which is insane for this time of year. We've been getting snow, ice, rain and now warm weather. As I type this today it has currently snowed 6in and is very cold. Maine is just a crazy place to live in the winter. So Monday went well. I rode for about an hour and a half. We worked on some solid flat work and he was actually doing very well and was quite supple. I worked on some lateral work and shoulder ins which he did quite well. I then trotted a few jumps and he was OK. He and I both hate trotting jumps even though it's really good for us. We tried cantering some courses, but damn it all he turned into a speed demon again. It wasn't until almost the end of our ride that he started to calm down and steady up. At the end of the ride I put one of the jumps to 3'9" and he went right over it a few times, only rubbing it once and causing it to fall. When I was finished I let the barn owners daughter cool Possum out. She really likes to walk him around on his back, and he really seems to like her as well. It's really cute to see them together.

Possum also managed to rip his hood off and I found it in the woods up against the electric fence. Somwhow he ripped the rings out of the blanket so now Ihave to find a way to sew all three back on. I gave him a few treats after giving him his grain and turned him back out. It was nice to spend some time with him and work together.

This coming Sunday I am so excited because it is our annual holiday barn party with food, drinks, games and ofcourse the highj ump competition which I am totally psyched for. I have to tell you that it has always been my dream to jump 5ft. The highest that we have gone is 4'6" so I'm hoping that we can break a record on Sunday as long as my nerves don't get the best of me. Either way it's a good time with good friends and ofcourse horses.

As for the guy front, things are steadily marching on. "G" is still kinda stressing me out and really wants to get together, but really I think that I'm done. As for Greg we are just getting to be better and better friends as each day passes. We talk all the time and are each others cheering section when someone gets us down, such as the ex's. Oh and one last thing.......Last weekend I got my nose pierced. I have never had anything pierced in anything in my life including my ears so this was a big step. I have always thought that they were pretty cool and I just wanted a small stud. So here I am.........

Well that's about all. Been busy at work but it's been a good busy. Still need to START my Christmas shopping so that's my plan for this weekend besides the Christmas party ofcourse. Looking forward to spending some tigme with Greg as well this weekend. I just find him so attracting and such a good person. SO have a great rest of the week. I'll try harder to write again. I just finished cleaning the apartment from the mess all of the dogs have made with their toys and managed to vacuum so I'm pretty motivated right now. Have a good night.


Leah Fry said...

I like your piercing. I have pierced ears and navel. Now you need a tatt. I've got 4.

Be careful trying to break your jumping record! Good luck!

cdncowgirl said...

Good luck trying to break your record :)

Anonymous said...

hey you and lindsey now have something in common! just kidding - i like the stud.