Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally Sunny!

Yesterday after work I picked up the dogs and we raced over to the barn. I had decided to ride Aragon down the road again. It was cloudy and very cold, barely touching 40 degrees and really windy. A perfect day to test a TB stud down the road on. I got him out and groomed him. His coat is really getting a shine to it. Because Aragon hardly grows a coat he is pretty much all shed out. The muscles on his rear were gleaming. He was perfectly still while I tacked him up. I walked him over to the picnic table again, foregoing the lunging and hopped on. He immediately started to do a little prance and we started walking down the driveway which is lined on both sides with paddocks full of horses. He gave a whinny to let all the horses know he has arrived and he did these little tiny half rears forward that reminded me of riding the carousel at the theme parks. He wasn't trying to get me off or anything, he just felt good and proud walking past his barn mates.

Once we hit the side road we started trotting to get his brain and body in gear. Once warmed up I worked on cantering straight and relaxed with him, which is always a challenge. Then we walked out nice and slow. When we were cantering again I felt him ask me to gallop. I got up in two point and eased him into a gallop. He burst forward and his front legs churned up the dirt road. It kinda suprised me that he wasn't that fast, I quickly came to the conclusion that he was not a sprinter and later that was confirmed when I talked to the barn owner, he actually was a distance runner in the day.

Because we galloped I had him walk for over 10 minutes to let him get the idea that after we gallop we rest and don't act crazy and anticipate it. He did really well. The last button I pushed on him was addressing his barn sourness which I could feel was starting to develop. Because he is so smart, you need to beat him at his own game, but not get into a fight about it. When we got to the driveway he started to drift andn then wouldn't move. He pulled his backing session and I just sat back on my seat bones and he stopped. I asked for him to go forward and heh started to back again. This went on for about 30 seconds and then finally he decieded that it would be easier to do what I was asking and he trotted past the driveway and up the hill. At the top of the hill I gave him a pat and turned him around.

While at the barn, Greg texted me and said that he saw "G" at a funeral and decided to tell me. Well the texting went on for a bit and then he called me. Apparently there is a rumor going on about me in town which is just absurd. It really upset me, but I was glad that Greg clued me in on it. It was actually a productive conversation. He asked me about the "barrage" of texts from the night before. I explained to him that things have changed between us and I'm just looking for an explanation and how the silent treatment really upsets me. He let me know that he feels pressured by me lately (which I gussed anyways) and needed some space. I told him I was giving him space. He was still working the fineral, but it was good to get that off my chest. SO stay tuned, who knows what will happen. I also told him about the good advice you guys are giving me on here about men and divorce and the year rule. He seemed to listen to it.

So it's sunny today and I'm stuck working. I hope to get out a decent hour and ride Possum in the arena. The sun just does so much for my mood that I'm anxious to be out in it.

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Leah Fry said...

Small town rumors is just one of the reasons I headed to Texas. It's big enough to make big mistakes and you can keep on going without having small-minded busybodies trying to drag you down.