Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Day of Riding

Had a great day at the barn. I woke up late because I was out at Gregs house until late and got home after midnight. I ate a quick breakfast of left over Chinese food and took a shower and got dressed in my riding clothes. As I was getting in the car I felt a little breeze in my crotch area. I looked down and sure enough a hole about the size of a quarter had minifested itself. Yes, the breeches were kind of old, but that is not an excuse for the weight that I have gained in the past few months. I have been eating like crap and been sitting on the couch like a bump on a log. I have been walking and running lately and then been doing some crunces and things, but I really need to adjust my diet. When I'm bored I eat. This winter has been hard on me, and I have been bored a lot!!!

So I got to the barn and let Possum out to pick loose hay around the farm, let the dogs out to play and then walked down to the indoor to watch what lessons were going on. It was very very busy at the barn so had to only do a few single jumps at a time. Possum was really good on the flat. When we were done int he ring I took him down the dirt road and let him fly. I let him gallop until he wanted to stop. It was awesome and took my breath away. As I was putting him away some barn people and I made a plan to go tubing with the horses tomorrow. Hook a line to a western saddle and pull a tube with someone on it. One person riding the horse and one person riding on the tube. I'm pumped. So stay tuned for some news on that. Well gotta visit with a person who just came over, but will check in on riding and tubing.

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