Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy Tons O'Snow!!

Literally we got 2 FEET of snow last night and into this morning. I got a call from Greg at 2:30am who was out plowing and he just couldn't believe the amount of snow we have gotten. My work was cancelled and it was nice to just hang around the house. I watched a favorite movie, The Man From Snowy River. Always puts a smile on my face because I used to watch it over and over when I was a kid. My roomie also had the day off so we were lazy together. We talked about going to the barn and riding, but decided not to. I have ridden 4 times last week so I didn't feel too guilty aout not going.

As for the guy thing, I am still hanging in there. I'm as confused as ever but really just trying to stick to the basics of sleeping, eating and doing day to day activities. I've been hanging with the dogs a lot. My roomie and I went to the grocery store earlier tonight and I bought a whole chicken to make with stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans. I just felt like making a big meal after all this snow and crap. Plus I absolutely love left over chicken sandwiches.

Possum is doing great and we are slowly getting back into shape. Our work outs have been really good and productive. I have also been riding Moonshine in my free time to work with her and to keep me in shape by riding two horses full time. I do have one great thing to share........On Saturday I got Greg to go to the barn and gave him a lesson on Possum. Before he showed up I rode my man for almost an hour to get him tired and less hyper. Greg did really well. We borrowed a boarders western saddle, a Big Horn kind I believe for all you western peeps. Greg has a lot of natural talent. He does a great job at keeping his heels down. HE gets the concept of not only using the reins but using your legs as well to turn the horse. When he asks for a halt, as soon as Possum stands still he releases the pressure instinctively. We worked on some trotting just to get him used to the feel. I had him hold onto the horn firstto feel the motion and then we talked about posting. He got the rhythm really quickly and it's just a matter of strengthening up his muscles and getting used to the center of balance on a horse. I am so excited that he did well and he was really happy. He says that he can't wait to go back. It was kinda funny because he would get a little frustrated when he would lose the posting rhythm and want to keep trying again. It was super cute. My biggest relief was that Possum really liked him. Due to his abusive past it's been hard for Possum to bond to most males, but Greg is a kind soul and Possum really just took care of him and minded his p's and q's. So that was a really good day.

Well I better go check on my chicken, I can't wait for some real home cooked dinner. We even got a small coconut cake for dessert. I know it doesn't really go along with my goal of shedding some lbs, but it just rounds out a great meal. Have a great night everyone, and I'll check in later.

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Leah Fry said...

That was a lot of snow to fall at once! I saw it on the Weather Channel this morning and thought I heard it wrong. We had a sunny, breezy day in the lower 60s.

That is so cool that Greg liked riding Possum!