Sunday, February 8, 2009

Skijoring but with Tubes??!!

Yes you heard right folks, I had a blast at the barn today. It was a temperate 40 degrees and even though the wind was whipping it was a good day to ride. I got Possum out first and did some warm-ups in the arena and jumped some jumps while there weren't many people in there and then got a few of the barn people together and we decided to go tubing while being pulled by a horse. Well the horse turned out to be Possum. He was a star!!! I made a little rigging and tied it to the stirrup loops which are metal on the western saddle on both side and then we clipped a fairly long line to that for the tibe. I wanted the pull to be even on both side and not just from the horn. So not only did Possum have a western saddle on, but he had a little makeshift harness on as well. He was absolutely great. I had someone walk behind us at first for him to get used to pulling something and he didn't even blink. Then I just had him pull the empty tube to get him let used to the noise, he was fine with that until the wond picked up and made the tube more like a kite. Now Possum rarely has any freak outs, but this sure made him act up. He was scared to death that it was a big monster coming at him, and the more he tried to get away from it, the more it kep following him. After the tube was under control and was no longer a monster flapping in the wind he was great.

After that we were ready to rock and roll. I first went to walking and having someone in the tube, and before long we were hand galloping up the long driveway. Possum had no issues what so ever with hauling a person on the tube, and never even once acted up with having the "harness" on him. We gave people a bunch of turns and then after a while I decided to give him a well deserved rest. I untacked him and put one of his blankets on and let him loose to eat the hay in the corner of the indoor. He was more that pleased with himself. It's just such a good feeling knowing that I can do almost anything with my horse. He may not excel in any one thing, but he's willing to try anything and that's all I ask of him. It's supposed to get back to sub zero temps again tonight so I bundled him up and turned him back out.

So it was a good day for animals. The dogs had a good time again and were really well behaved and got to visit with all their doggie friends which was nice. I also go to get out and get some exercise which is always a plus.

So I went over to visit Greg at his house tonight to watch TV and visit with his 3yo son. Well Greg and an his ex got into it on the phone because she wanted the dog for the night and he said no. Well she showed up and it was a mess. I tried to stay as neutral as possible. She looked right at me and said that she didn't have a problem with me, but did not want her son hanging around me. I reassured her that Greg and I were only friends and that is how their son knows us to be as well. She then went into a rage on Greg about other things and it was an aweful screaming match. I took their son out into the garage and even put him in the truck because they were yelling and screaming so bad. I finally had to tell them that this was enough and they cannot do this in front of their son. He was abviously upset by then. It was just a mess and after she left I left and still have yet to talk to Greg since he is putting the kid to bed now. I just really hate being in this situation and they were both equally at fault. He should have called the police as soon as she entered the home when he told her not to, and he should have not been yelling with her with their son in his arms. She was just really out of line and after all I have heard about her and now seeing her in action I am having serious thought that she has narcicistic peronality disorder. Anyways, so I'm waiting for Greg to call me so we can talk things over and come up with a strategy if anything like this ever happens again. It just wouldn't be my life without some drams. As soon as one part of my life gets good, another has to fall to shit. Ohwell, I have faith that it will all work out, but just needed to vent to my blogger friends. Have a good night everyone. Watching a scary movie with my roomie and then getting my lesson plan ready for school tomorrow, which is ironically based on healthy relationships.


Leah Fry said...

The tubing sounds like so much fun! I have often thought Poco might like to pull things.

As for the other ... it happens. You were right to stay out of it to the extent you could. They're going to have to work it out, but until they do, the kid and the dog are the pawns.

cdncowgirl said...

Other than the drama at Greg's it sounds like a fun day!
We took our dog's to my mom's for the first time since she got her St.Bernard. It was great, I think my mom was surprised that her dog listened so attentively to me when we were hanging out in the garage.