Saturday, February 14, 2009

Only the Lonely

Well folks it's Valentines evening, and I am here in my pajamas sitting on the couch watching TV and typing on the computer surrounded by my dogs. I know I don't need a guy to make me feel good about myself, but really sometimes it's nice to have someone around.

As for today, it was a great day at the barn. I rode Moonsine first and she was OK. She was a little stiff, definately leaning in some around the turns and not as crisp in her downward transitions, especially in simple changes as she does not know how to do flying ones yet. We have a lot of work to do if we want to be show ready. I also took her over some small courses of jumps at about 2'3" and it went alright. Our spots were good but keeping her in the center of the jumps and straight after a line was a little worse than last year. It just means that we have stuff to work on. It also doesn't help that I'm really outta shape as well and need to get my ass in gear.

Afetr riding Moonshine I gave her a quick grooming and put all of her blankets on. A teenager offered to go bring Possum into the indoor and I went to go get his tack and brushed him up. It was later in the day and the indoor only had one lesson going on and it happened to be my roomie hehehe. I was just thinking of getting a little exercise in with Possum and maybe just a little dabble of jumping. Well Possum was amazing. He was calm and quiet and really listening to my aids. I was able to keep proper equitation and I think we probably looked really good because I didn't have to keep wrestling with him. I decided to trot some warm-up jumps and he took it all in stride. Then we started cantering lines and he was as easy as possible. Rhythm was there, impulsion was great and he was really listening and we were nailing our spots. I couldn't believe it. I told the barn owner that we just need to keep telling him that I'm going to be showing Moonshine and make him jealous so he really turns it on. I really don't have an explanation for how good he was, but I was thrilled! I gave him lots of kisses and some treats and tucked him back into all of his blankets and let him back out with his buddies.

We drove home and my roomie got ready for her date tonight. I took a shower and just hung out in my robe on the couch. Greg is having a rough couple of days and is really depressed and angry at his ex for how she is not only treating him, but also how she projects onto their 3yo son. So I'm all alone. I know this isn't a long term thing and I need to tell myself to enjoy the time I have for myself and let things happen as they will. SO I'm chillin out. Last night my roomie and I went out to eat and then looked at area jewelry stores just to see how the other half lives. I can tell you that tack stores excite me way more than jewelry stores. But we had a good time anyways. I have been OK with my food intake lately. Even though it hasn't been the healthiest, I havn't been eating as much.

This moring actually started out well. Greg called and woke me up and he had to make a removal in a couple towns from me and asked if I wanted to go. I got up and showered and dressed and we had a good time joking around in the car. It was good to see him lighten up and laugh. It's too bad that he had to get into it with his ex tonight and the power she has over how he feels. He really has a lot on his plate right now with work and his kid and dealing with his ex's crap.

So I think I'm gonna go down to the store and have them make me a chicken wrap and splurge and get a Pepsi and chill for the noght. I definately got a work out riding two horses today and it feels really good. SO have a good Valentines Day everyone and we'll cjeck back next year and compare posts.


Leah Fry said...

Not that it will help you feel any better, but I spent most of V-Day alone and I'm married! My poor hubby is working nights and we're too broke to pay attention. I did get a red rose, but there was no special romantic dinner or anything. But it was okay.

Hang in there -- this too shall pass.

Stephanie said...

Awwww sorry you spent Valentine's Day all alone!

But I'm glad to hear that you're riding so much. Somebody has too cause I can't.

Keep it up those annoying pounds will come off with all that riding...