Thursday, May 21, 2009

Couple of Pics

Snapped a quick picture of Possum as he was eating his dinner on loose priviledges around the farm. Now that it's spring he always gets some time loose on the farm to help out with the grazing duties. You can see he is really fit right now and has that nice flank muscle.

This is my Abby girl. I was sitting on the swing outside the arena and had to take this pic. She is such a sweetie. All of my dogs love going to the barn. Gotta love the four white tips of her feet. Looks like she walked through wet paint.


Stephanie said...

Great pictures! Yeah Possum is stacked right now! Could probably place in a halter class. How does he do in "in-hand" classes like that anyway? OT I know but sometime if I don't ask questions when they occur to me I will forget about them.

cdncowgirl said...

Possum is lookin mighty fine!
Is it just me or is he lighter (in colour) this year than in your past pics?

sidetracked said...

His in-hand skills are hit or miss. When he says that it's time to leave the ring it's time. He'd rather be riding over all the prissy stuff hahaha.

As for his color, I took the pic with my camera phone which is not that great, but yes every year he gets a little lighter.