Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursdays Suck

Sorry bout the negative title, but I hate Thursdays, always have and always will. Wednesday is the middle of the week, Friday is obviously Friday and one step away from the weekend, but Thursday just sucks. It doesn't help that I am also bored out of my mind right now. I'm sitting at my office at the college with nothing to do since no kids ever come to talk to me. I play on the computer, read and catch up on paperwork, BORING!

Went to the barn last night. Didn't ride cause I had a dr's appt and got their late, plus it was really windy and cold. I videoed someone's lesson and just hung out. I went to the pasture to visit Possum. He actually moved away from the round bale to come chill with me which was cool. I tried to go to bed early last night, but I just couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned and was just in this in-between state. I'm kinda dragging ass today with little motivation. Maybe a quick nap after work will re energize me. My roomate is going to drive to Virginia for 3 days so the house is going to be really quiet and lonely. I have a feeling Nick will be over some to hang out, but it's still not the same as your girlfriend to chat with.

The weather was great this morning, sunny and warm, but now it is overcast and windy and threatening rain. I hate to say it, but I think I might skip going to the barn and just hang with my roomie before she leaves tonight. Nick also might be stopping by later. He is a disc golf fanatic and wants to get in a few rounds after he gets out of work. I think it's cool that he loves doing it so much and he's always asking me to go with him, but I'm usually at the barn. Maybe this weekend I'll go.

As for the trail ride the other night it was totally awesome!!! Possum was great with Nick which is something I was nervous about. Aragon was his usualy hyper self. We got to one point in the trail that you have to go around a snowmobile bridge and go down a little gully and cross a little brook and then a steep hill and a sharp right to avoid the trees. Aragon flat out refused to budge. This is not like his usual brave self. Possum did it like 6 times with Nick as I tried to put Aragon up his butt, even tried leading him from Possum but he wasn't having any of it. Finally after much persistence and lots of praise with every foot he stepped forward he took the plunge with me on foot. My only concern was that he would jump on my while trying to jump the brook, but he was very respectful and we were able to continue our ride. Nick did amazingly well and went along like a trooper being the total beginner he was. We did get to canter a little uphill and he did great only losing his stirrups once. I need to get him to keep his butt in the saddle though, he likes to do a sort of two point position crouching over the saddle, I see a true jumper in his future hahaha. We were out for about 2 hrs and Nick was obviously sore. Both horses though went right into the big pond. I think Aragon didn't really realize what it was, but I got him in there before his TB brain could take over and then he just said cool after. This is the first time he has been in deep water up to his belly and he did great. He's going to make me a great trail horse this summer for sure. The other good thing was that Aragon, being a stallion was great with Possum, they could even touch and they were fine. Definately a plus for a trail horse with balls haha.

Nick was smiling ear to ear when we got back to the barn and then continued to practice his cantering in the outdoor arena. I told him the more he practices and gets better he's gonna surpass me soon. We have plans for another ride tomorrow night which will be cool and the weather is supposed to be a lot warmer and nicer. I'm so glad that I found Nick as a friend, he isjust what I need right now.

I also found out stuff about Greg. He is definately dating this other girl, big deal. I still have heard no word from him which I am starting to feel happy about. Apparantly he told someone which got back to me that he feels bad about the whole situation and just didn't know what to do so just stopped talking all together (real mature) I guess he has plans to rekindle the friendship once the dust has settled, but I think I'm all set. You just don't treat your friends like that and I don't need his confusion and lack of healthy communication in my life. I'm a good person who consistently puts others ahead of myself and then I end up feeling empty and hurt. I'm working on myself right now and beng happy and hanging with my friends.

Well that's about all. Just bored and tired today. Can't wait for the weekend and the barn and fun stuff to happen that I can't even plan yet. Have a great day everyone.


Leah Fry said...

Well, it's Friday now, so have a great weekend! It has rained so much here in the last few weeks that Heather's arena is like a shallow pool. Even though the rain has stopped for now, it will probably take a week for everything to dry out.

Stephanie said...

Glad your ride went well! I Kinda gathered that it did...

You got gut riding that big hyper stud girl! Kudos!

Happy Friday!

sidetracked said...

HAHA, Aragon is just a big baby. I always tell everyone that you just need to put on your TB brain and it's easy. Because he raced on the track for 8 years his brain has a tendency of leaving him so I have to keep that in mind. Aragon is a love and likes to have fun and is just learning how to again. he was perfect with Possum and we were riding side by side much of the way and he didn't even bat an eyelash. Aragon used to buck with another girl who rode him, but I have yet to experience that. SOmetimes when we come back up the driveway past the mares pasture they all run to him and he does these little canter pirouttes and half rears to show off for them. He's not trying to get me off or anything, I'm usually laughing too hard to wack him on the neck to cut it out. Never have I once felt like I was going to be unseated. He's my boy and is only going to get better. He is actually not that tall, only 15.3 hands and very slender, Possum easily out weighs him for being the same height.