Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Better

Had a great weekend if I do say so myself. I got tons of riding in. I rode Possum a lot and also rode Aragon twice this weekend. Yesterday I just rode Aragon and we hit the trails, real trails and not just dirt roads. We had mud and water and trees and brush and he did great with everything. He stepped in every puddle I asked him to, actually took a drink from them too. Went through all the mud and behaved himself quite well. He was rarin to go so after a few canters I let him pick the speed. He immediately shot forward and started eating up the ground. It's great to think that he enjoys galloping now when before he would suck right back and refuse to go faster than a little bunny hop canter. We had a great ride, just the two of us.

He's a getting a lot fitter too and putting on some muscle. Aragon is such a hard keeper. he can have a big ole hay belly but still be showing a little rib. He's just a slender boy who cribs like it's going out of style and isn't always interested in eating. I have noticed though that since I've been riding him regularly he has a better appetite which is good. His coat is absolutely gleaming and he has completely shed out unlike most of the other horses at the farm. I'll say it again, that I absolutely love plain bays, my favorite color.

I also made a new friend this weekend. Yes he is a boy, but he is really cool and is just what I need right now. He's outgoing, fun and man can he talk. I have totally met my match in talking. We talk for hours. I went to his apartment Saturday night to hang out and we ended up talking for almost 6 hrs straight. Barely had a pee break and we were back in conversation. As many of you are probably wondering, this is not a match for me. Our lifestyles are just too different. I mean who really knows, but I just don't see anything coming from this except a good friendship. The other thing I really like about him is he is totally honest, almost brutally honest which I like. He's super cool and is a good distraction from Greg and all his shit right now. Maybe someday he'll grow up, but it's not my problem and never really was. All I know is that he's totally missing out on a great and funny and smart and half-way decent looking girl. (sticking my tongue out now). After work tonight my roomie and I are getting on the motorcycle and riding around. We have to make a trip to the barn to put rain sheets on the ponies because their calling for rain tomorrow and cooler temps, and then we're just cruisin.

Things are looking up slightly which is good, I need to catch a break every now and again. Oh and I almost forgot to add that this new friend of mine thinks that horses are really cool. He has a sister that used to ride and he has hung out at the barn a lot. He already came out twice this weekend to chill and even rode Possum under my instruction for half an hr and did really well. He's getting the posting and steering down and has a real desire to learn which is cool, our sport can always use males that are into riding. Think I may have found a good friend on this deal and I'm happy, oh and he's pretty hot too which doesn't hurt things hehehe. Have a great day everyone amd love your ponies. I'll have another post either tonight or tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Awww I am so glad that you met someone - even if they are BF material just having a guys attention (a guy that is sane) is nice every once and while.

Hope ya have fun on your ride! Glad things are going well with both horses - and I super excited that you got Aragon to like running again.

How bad is it when we can make horses hate and/or fear an actual element of their genetic make-up? Pretty bad. He is lucky to have found you.

Leah Fry said...

I'm so glad you're feeling stronger. Hang in there.