Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feels Like Summer.....

Today it's about 85 degrees and full blast sun. Yes I have to work all day and have been in and out of schools, but I'm at the college now to spend 3 hrs doing whatever I want. I brought a good book and if I get sick of that I also brought a DVD to watch on my lap top. Things have been good this week, busy but good. I've hardly been in the office this week between a meeting all day Tuesday and my normal school schedule. I am totally psyched for the long holiday weekend though. I'm going Saturday to cheer on a couple people from my barn at a fun show that they are bringing their green horses to. Their going to give their horses experience of being in the ring with others and to experience the atmosphere of a show. It should be fun and I'm excited to just help them out and chill in the outdoors.

I've been busy riding Possum lately. Nick hasn't been out to ride since Sunday so I've had Possum all to myself. We had a grueling work-out on Tuesday night which tells me that we have way more to do to perfect the 3ft courses. He loves to rush the jumps, as soon as he has his sights set on it it's almost impossible to take him off it. I try and mix it up with roll backs and broken lines. The one good thing about the ride is that I can feel my position getting stronger. My legs are tighter and my core strengthened. We have a big show coming up June 20th and I would really like to do well and not totally embarass ourselves.

Yesterday Possum and I and a boarder rode to the pond since he didn't know where it was. Yesterday was a picture perfect day weather wise. It was in the low 70's and clear with a slight wind in the air. Just gorgeous and a perfect day to be with my favorite horse. We went to the horses bellies in the pond and just let them relax and then headed back to the barn. We got in a nice gallop through a sloping field which just took my breath away. I think we were all having fun.

Nick and I have still been seeing each other almost on a daily basis. I don't believe we'll hang out tonight, but you never know with him. He has been very busy with work lately. His family owns a large marina and with Memorial weekend here everyone wants their boats ready and docks in the water. Poor boy is working over 13 hrs today. I think I might offerto bring him some dinner, but he might just pick something quick up on his way home. He said that his plans are to play PS3 soccer until he passes out, my guess is that will be about 10 minutes haha. Poor guy doesn't have a break this weekend either. I might need to do something special for him to cheer hin up, but not sure of what it is yet. Things are going well with us and I am trying very hard to take everything as just face value. We love hanging out with each other and talking. It's great to connect with someone like that again. I do believe that he is a genuine nice guy, but my radar has been off before so I'm still keeping an eye out.

Tonight my roomate and I are going to Home Depot and renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning all of the carpets in the apartment. Her dog has been sick lately and with a year's worth of dirt, throw-up occasionally and the rare accident on the floor it's well worth it to just get everything cleaned. Her dog has had major diarrhea and this is the best time to do it.

This weekend I am going to relax and do whatever my little heart desires. Horses, friends, maybe visit my parents and maybe a little quality time with Nick in between his busy schedule.

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