Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rainy middle of the week

Possum waiting to go in the arena for a ride. This is a funky angled phone picture, but hey it's still him.
Possum sporting his nwe open front jumping boots that I got at Dover for a great price.

I was so happy to have my long weekend that I was kinda bummed to go back to work yesterday, although it is only a 4 day work week which is cool. I actually didn't do a whole lot of riding this weekend, I went to watch a lot of horse shows. On Saturday I went to watch an open show to see a couple of my barn friends show. It was a good day and they both did well. I started riding at this club many years ago in the walk-trot that I still know a lot of people up there so it was nice to check in.

Sunday I went to watch a hunter show that a bunch of people from the barn were in. I spent most of the day there. It rained a little later in the morning and then it cleared and was a beautiful afternoon. Everyone from the barn cleaned up and I was really proud of everyone. I have a hard time just watching at shows cause it really makes me want to get up and ride. If horse shows were free you can bet I would be doiung lots more showing. Possum and I have a big show to look forward to on June 20th which should be really fun but it's mega expensive since it's also double judged.

Monday I spent most of the day at the barn. I did stalls and then Nick came over and he and I and a couple teenagers decided to ride to the pond, the ride went well for the most part. Nick has been so busy lately with work and putting docks in the water at night that he is exhausted and totally stretched to the limit, which I don't blame him. He is only riding once a week about, but has improved greatly and I don't feel like I need to baby sit him as much. Possum is also doing really well with him and really likes Nick. I'm proud of my little boy (Possum).

Not a whole lot else is going on. Working as usual. Hanging at home most nights. It's raining hard today and all of tomorrow so I don't know if I'm gonna ride. I hate going from riding in the big outdoor where they are lots of jumps to riding in a much smaller indoor with minimal jumps and which is kinda dusty this time of year. I guess I'll decide when I get out of workt tonight. The dogs have been great. They bounce back and forth from my house to Nicks. Whenever I go over to visit him, he insists that the dogs come as well, I think it's just too cool that he gets along with my animals so much.

The other night I had a mini melt down. I was at Nicks and all of a sudden it just hit me that I was starting to have feelings for him and I didn't want to go down the same path that I went with Greg. I know that Greg and Nick are two different people, but it's really hard to trust someone right now, and I'm pretty sure that Nick does not feel the same as I do right now. That's not to say that he likes me and hanging out with me and is attracted to me, but the thought of actually getting together I don't think has entered his mind. I want to be more like that damnit! But I worked through it and luckily last night was my scheduled counseling appt. and I was ably to work through some of my mental blocks with her. I still feel kinda bad for wigging out on Nick, but if he really cares for me he'll over look it. We are still hanging out on a regular basis and it has yet to get old. He's such a great guy and really cares about a lot. He's goofy and crazy but he makes me happy right now so I'm gonna go with it as far as I can cause I need to be happy right now.

Other than that things are pretty much the same. We have some minor barn drama going on which is always interesting, but what barn doesn't have their moments. I think in the end things will work out to be good and maybe even better than they were with some tension eleviated. I can't wait for the summer and to take some time off and chill. I have some family coming to Maine to visit this weekend so I'll be hanging out with them some soon.


Stephanie said...

Family visits can be fun - focus on that. Remember Zen. Clear your mind focus on the now and not the possible now. I think you're doing great with Nick.

So jealous you have a show coming up. I will not be able to attend the one I thought I could possibly to do in June so I am kinda pouty.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Nice boots! Possum is looking great too!