Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things are Progressing Forward

Things are going about the same as I wrote about the other day. This past weekend was a lazy one for me. The weather wasn't the greatest and Saturday had the most sunshine. I got dressed in my riding clothes and basically hung at the barn all day and didn't even manage to ride one single horse! I helped a couple people video their rides and just chilled. It felt really nice. Sunday was Mothers Day and it was rainy, but my roomie and I decided to go to my parents house on the motorcycle which is a good 50 min ride one way. It was an adventure and totally worth it. We went to eat at a good restaurant and then zipped home later in the afternoon. I then had to go to the work office for a little bit and just do some emails and stuff. I went back home and Nick came over to stay the night and we watched the Celtics game which was a nail biter.

Nick and I have been seeing a ton of each other lately and it's great. I'm up his ass, and he's up my ass and we don't get sick of each other, awesome. He's so funny and makes me laugh all the time and reminds me when I get too serious and keeps me in line. We have a good time. We'll talk all night long about anything and everything, go to sleep for a few hrs and wake up still talking right where we left off. Again I'll say that I have met my match when it comes to chatting and it's great. I am maintaining the emotional barrier well so far.

Went to the barn and rode Possum last night just for a flat ride. Worked on some suppling and flying changes. I just was having an off riding day and decided to take it easy. Nick suprised me by showing up for like half an hr before he had to go to a family birthday party which was cool. Nick did manage to get in 30 min practice riding Possum last Friday which was good. His posting is becoming perfected and he's really starting to find his center of balance. He has a real desire to learn which is cool. Tonight after work him and I are going to attempt a trail ride to the pond, the place which is the pic from my main page. Without cantering and minimal trot it'll probably take 2 hrs round trip. He's totally down with going. I'm going to be riding Aragon and him Possum so it should be interesting. I can't wait, it's calling for a hit or miss shower this afternoon and I hope it misses us. I need a nice trail ride with a good friend. Work has been crazy busy and it's gonna be good to recharge my batteries. Have a great day everyone.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you are having fun!

How did the ride go?

Anyway glad things are looking up for you...

Aren't motorcycle trips great! I think I agreed to go out with my now hubby because he had a motorcycle.

Mickey said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, and have found a good friendship in Nick.
I know you are not asking, and forgive me for saying, but if I were you (which of course I'm not... LOL) I would not have N spending the night at your house. I know you have a roomie. I'm sure it is innocent. But one thing about girls who are staying at guys houses/vice-versa very early on, it just doesn't look good to others. And believe it or not, it also can lead to a deeper relationship than you might be looking for at the moment.
Things are going so well for you, I'd take it slow and be careful with your emotions right now. It's great for you and Nick to hang out, and watch movies or whatever. But then why not let him go home?! Keep a little personal space. I really think things will work out better in your relationships if you keep a bit more distance as you get to know guys.
Anyway, sorry if I sound like I'm butting in. I just know you've been hurt, and love hearing about how life is turning around and is going great. :o)