Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah, it's FRIDAY!!

I'm so excited it's the weekend. The weather is supposed to hold out for the most part and I can't wait to ride all weekend long. After I get out of work early this afternoon I might take a little snooze with the dogs and then head over to the barn. Nick asked if he could go for another trail ride tonight and I said sure. My hope is to get in a schooling session with Possum before the ride, but I don't want to tire him too much. It's been a few days since We've done any course work and we have our next really big show coming up June 20th. I was joking with Nick this morning that he needs to get another horse since I need to work mine. He took it all seriously and said that he could pay like everyone else to ride the farms horses. I reassured him that that wasn't necessary and that Possum really seemed to like him and it was a good match. I told him that little rides by him will not hurt Possum at all, actually Possum might like the break in mental stimulation. Nick said that as soon as he gets betetr riding he'll work Possum for me, I had to grin at that one.

My roomie left last night to drive to Virginia and she texted me this morning and said that she made it safe and sound. The house has been quiet without her and her dog. I'm just totally jumping out of my skin and chomping at the bit to get going this weekend. I'm totally free meaning that I'm not even on call which is great since it feels like I've been on call for the hotline a lot lately.

Possum should be all rested with having 2 days off and ready to go tonight. There are lessons going on until 8p tonight so it will be fun to watch and have people around. Who knows, maybe Nick and I will hang out after the barn, although I vaguely remember him saying that he was having a friend come stay with him tonight. Usually that doesnt matter and he's always asking me to come over. We'll see.

I'm bummed ebcause my half chaps zipper has finally shit the bed. I need to buy more which isn't a huge deal but it's still gonna cost me like $40 which is hard for me right now. Horses come first I guess. Nick has even wrestled up a pair of used men's Ariat half chaps that he's gonna wear from now on. He figured that out really quick after we came back from our trail ride and the inside of his calfs were rubbed raw from the stirrup leathers. He's tough, he can handle it. Also going to watch the Preakness this weekend. Should be interrestering. I'm more of a Breeders Cup gal than a triple crown, but you can't help but get hyped from other people. Just wish they wouldn't race those babies so young, wait one more year would ya???

Well have a great day everyone. Get on and work those ponies. I notice that Possum is bulging in muscle and nice and lean. He has the nice line of muscle on his flanks. His butt is well defined. His poll and top line are all nicely rounded out and his endurance is just amazing. I love my horse. Even though he is a throw away downhill mutt of a man killer it just goes to show you that with proper training, diet and mental stimulation any horse can look half way decent.


Stephanie said...

Yeah... you know i am already all buzzed up about the race - since I will be out at my folks working with the ponies I am going to pull a hostile take over of their TV so I can watch the race from out there.

I am sure my Dad will make some comment like - "don't you live somewhere else?"

But too bad - I am watching the race!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just got caught up. I've been a little MIA for a bit.

I am SO HAPPY you are doing better! Yay for Molly! I'm just about over the moon you're finding some joy in life!

Yay! Yay! Yay! You're moving forward! Keep up the good work!

sidetracked said...

Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts and comments. Just trying to take each day as it comes.