Monday, July 7, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

Just wanted to do a quick blog cause I'm really busy today. I had a wonderful weekend overall. Spent most of it with "G". He was sweet and wonderful and loving and everything that I like about him. On the 4th we went to his family's for a cookout and that was a lot of fun, I really hanging with his family. Then we went back to my place and took a nap and then vegged for the rest of the night. Saturday was the Tuff Truck competition. It was actually fun to watch, even if it's not really my kind of activity, but I can appreciate all of the work and the passion that these guys feel for what they do. "G" did awesome and won the whole thing. It was cool to see him sail 15ft in the air over jumps and kick everyones asses!

There was a slight glitch on Saturday that I was fully prepared for, alcohol. It was kind of a test for me to see how he would do around his peers and drinking pressure. He did drink, he got buzzed and may have drank more than I would have liked him to but he didn't get stupid and he didn't drive. neverthe less I did take a small break to chill out myself in the truck and read a horse magazine. He thought I was pissed but I just needed some time to myself out of the situation. For the most part tings went really well and I enjoyed hanging out with him.

Yesterday was was a day of productivity for me. I vacuumed the apartment, cleaned the bathroom, washed and put all dishes away, cleaned the cat box. Then I went to the barn to let Possum loose to graze and cleaned up the camper even scrubbing the floors. I then went grocery shopping with a friend and put everything away. I was pooped by the end of the day. "G" asked me to come over to his house for a cheeseburger. Things were good at first but I could tell that he had been drinking some and was really on edge emotionally. I actually ended up leaving after he got into a mood and said that I didn't want to be around it. The old Molly would have stayed and hounded him of what was wrong until he snapped and we got into a big dight. I found out that when it all boils down he's insecure about my motives. He thinks that I want to see other people and all that crap. I asked him if he was psychotic. So we took a break for the night. He went to bed early and I hung out with my roomate watching the horse movie International Velvet and then went to bed. I snuggled with my 2 dogs and cat and curled up in the air conditioning under my down comforter.

"G" and I have texted a few times today and he seems to realize that he was being overly emotional and asked that maybe we take it slow since we have been spending a lot of time together, I agreed. If this is gonna work it has to be done right.

It was pretty much a non-horse weekend for me. I have one of the biggest shows of the year coming up this weekend and I'm taking Possum!!! I'm so excited to finally take my own horse and he loves the jump course at this place. So this week I need to put the pedal to the medal. I need to ride lots, trim his face and legs and get him spic and span for Sunday. I feel better getting my apartment and everything ready so now I can focus on my riding. Well off to work now. The Pic above is Possum and I 2 yrs ago at the same show we're going to this Sunday.

As a little question, what's everyone's favorite horse movie??? Here are a few of mine.

The Horse Masters

Phar Lap

Man From Snowy River


Stephanie said...

Man from Snowy River

Return to Snowy River (I think I like the second one better)...

Seabiscuit (if I recall it was because of the Lord of Rings Trilogy that robbed that movie of a best picture grammy).

The Black Stallion (not many movies compare when it comes to the quality of the photography in that film).

Although "Flicka" was a kid movie - I did enjoy it.

I think Disney did a good job with Black Beauty a while back.

And although the ending wrecked the whole dang movie - I also liked and will rewatch "The Horse Whisperer" on occasion.

SquirrelGurl said...

Favorite Horse Movies...


The Black Stallion

Others of the more "kid" variety:
Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron
Racing Stripes