Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictures from Highview Show

Deep in concentration.

Ugly landing pic after the natural. But we're right in the middle and looking for the next one.

Possum is all about aerodynamics so therefore the more his ears are back and he growls at the jump it makes him fly more hehehe.

Relaxing waiting for a class. Possum actually has his ears forward!

Powering away after a jump. My position is not that great in this shot, but you can see the intensity in Possum.


Stephanie said...

Man you guys looked good - he's in great shape and look very well groomed. I know you say that you don't get to ride him much but he sure doesn't look like it.

Say what reg helmets do you guys have to where?

The grass looks so nice. We ONLY show on dirt out here - its such a drag especially in the summer when its so dusty or the spring when its windy for that matter. At night after the show I always have to shower before I crawl in my trainer for bed as I feel just so gross. My big pet peeve is my ears - yuck! I can't even touch them till I have showered, I am a freak about keeping them clean.

You just got me all excited for my next upcoming shows in Sept! Now i will never focus at work today!

Like your hunt coat too!

Stephanie said...

Where - wear - whatever...I don't try to pretend to know how to spell...

Oh got my saddle this weekend and its so nice I am just all buzzed up today can't wait to try it out. I can tell by the quality of the leather and softness of the seat that it is WAY nice than my old saddle.

I'll keep you updated...

sidetracked said...

I have the Hampton Clssic helmet. I really want a GPA but I don't have $400 for it.

Possum is in really good shape, I ride him uaually about 4 times a week, but he had a little time off while I was focusing on Moonshine. He is in really good shape and the day before we galloped a couple miles so that helped get the blood flowing. Thanks for the compliments.

Laura said...

Great pics - glad you guys did well!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Boy you can really see the concentration and "oh boy lets get-em" on that horses face.

I think Possum has a very pretty head even when he has the aero-dynamics engaged.

Pony Girl said...

Yea, great job! Love your little Appy jumper! Gotta root for the Appy's! He looks so cute with his ears forwars!

Leah Fry said...

You have no idea how much I envy your abilities!